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ICCBBA Unique Device Identification (UDI)

The ICCBBA UDI barcodes are used to identify human cells, tissues and cellular and tissue-based products as approved on by the FDA. ISBT 128 UDI begins with the non-printable characters of the Data Identifier for Compound Message, 2 Digit Number Indicator for the data structure to follow and a 3 Digit code indicated the sequence of the data structures. The compound message for this barcode would begin with =+06000.

Data Delimiters Identifier Data Type HR Field Size DB Field Size Example Data
=+ Compound Message   Not Printable   06000
=/ Device Identifier (DI) Alphanumeric 18 16 A9999XYZ100T0944
=, Serial Number Alphanumeric 8 6 000025
= Distinct ID Code
Donation ID Number
Alphanumeric 16 15 A99971312345600
=> Expiration Date Numeric 8 6 (YYYJJJ) 014032
=} Manufacturing Date Numeric 8 6 (YYYJJJ) 013032
&,1 MPHO Lot Number  Alphanumeric 21 18 000000000000XYZ123

The following barcodes are created with Code 128:

Barcode Label Software ICCBBA UDI 


The following barcode is created with Data Matrix:

Data Matrix ICCBBA UDI 

Blood Bag Labels:
Data Delimiters Identifier Data Type HR Field Size DB Field Size Example Data
=) Device Identifier (DI) for
blood containers (bags)
Alphanumeric 12 10  
&) Lot Number for Blood
Containers (bags)
Alphanumeric 12 10  


The following barcode is created with GS1-128:

Blood Bag Barcodes

ICCBBA UDI Barcode Label Example

ICCBBA UDI Label Example


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