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Inventory & Asset Management Guide

This guide provides practical information and application suggestions for easy implementation of asset management, tracking and inventory software with minimal cost. Several software applications exist on the market to manage assets and inventory. When it is necessary to implement this type of application, it may be purchased, created from scratch or modified from a template. In some cases, it may make sense to modify a company's existing application, if one already exists, to include integrated inventory and asset management. When an existing application does not exist, modifying an existing template or sample application from existing software can save time and money.

Barcode Scanner Integration

Hand-Held USB Barcode ScannerBarcode scanning may be easily implemented with IDAutomation's USB Barcode Scanner. The scanner emulates a keyboard, so that anything scanned, appears as if it had been typed.

This plug 'n play scanner may be programmed to trigger function keys F1 to F10 as well as returns and tabs to move to different fields or activate a default button.

Implementation With Templates

The table below lists several applications and development environments that provide templates or sample applications that may be easily modified for custom inventory and asset management applications.

Application Type of Template or Sample Application Recommended Product for Barcode Integration
FileMaker - cross-platform database software for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Templates are provided to track inventory, products, and assets. Several custom applications are also provided by 3rd parties at their solution center. Barcode Font Integration
Microsoft Access - part of the Microsoft Office Package. Asset Tracking Sample Database. Open Access, click new, select the Asset Tracking sample database or download it from Office Marketplace. Native Access Barcode Generator
Windows SharePoint Services - web-based business applications. Several templates exist such as Inventory Tracking and Asset Tracking. SharePoint Integration Guide
MySQL - open source database. Users familiar with MySQL may use this database example as a template. Barcode Fonts

Fig 1. Microsoft's asset tracking database template for Access.

Asset tracking template for Access

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