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White Lines Appear in a 2D or Stacked Barcode Symbol

When generating 2D or DataBar Stacked symbols, horizontal white lines may appear.

Lines appearing in a barcode image within Word


Many applications, such as Microsoft Word and OpenOffice Writer add extra line spacing between each line of text, which creates white lines in 2D and stacked symbols.

To resolve this issue with Microsoft Excel, use the 2D XLS Font for Excel.

To resolve the issue in other applications, the line spacing must be set to "1" or "Single" without any additional spacing before or after.

Word Example:
Remove space between paragraphs image

OpenOffice Writer Example:
OpenOffice Writer line spacing adjustment

NOTE: If this issue occurs with PCL fonts, reduce the VMI setting and refer to the pclinfo.html file in the appropriate font package for more information.

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