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Review by Panos on 8/12/2019

I have used the product and scan the Data Matrix really good. We are using this Data Matrix to put the label inside the curb round tub for our products to keep track of our serial numbers. It was easy to install and apply the barcode of Data Matrix.

This was simple to use and exactly what we needed

Review by Greg on 5/29/2016

Customers asked us to print a Data Matrix on our Labels. With this solution we could easily fulfill this request exactly how the customers wanted it. Great Product.

Does exactly what you expect it to...

Review by David on 7/27/2015

We needed to get a barcode to fit into a very specific size label.. We tried a lot of things till we came across this activeX control. It works perfectly - just as described. Comes with a database example.. Couldn't be easier.. Highly recommended..

Reasonably Happy

Review by Paul on 2/8/2015

This software is very easy to use. I just drop an OLE Active X control object in a report and link the control source in the properties dialog box and run the report and its is done. Interestingly, I can write an equation in the control source to link several fields from a query or a table and it will make a custom barcode label. It is great. The only reason I give this software a 4 out of 5 stars is because for some reason when I run the report the report flashes on the screen. Not sure what that is about, but when I save the report the flashing appears to go away. Overall the software works well for what I need it to do. I'm using Win 10 with Office 2013 and the software works well with my current system.

Very Easy to Use

Review by Rachel on 6/4/2014

The ActiveX Control helped a lot, because we can now generate and put 2D barcodes on our labels. The product is very easy to use. We searched for similar products with which we can make the above mentioned 2D barcode and we chose yours. It's worth it!

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