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Improved the accuracy of inventory transactions

Review by Don on 2/28/2020

We decided on this label software over others because it was user friendly, and in particular the very good information your site provides as an introduction to barcodes and barcoding. This product has allowed us to step up to a higher level fulfillment center, and will improve the accuracy of our inventory transactions. by Don Stewart on 9/25/2005

Now printing barcode labels inhouse on-demand

Review by L on 2/28/2020

This product has enabled us to print barcode labels inhouse on-demand, rather than outsourcing. We chose the label software because of its ease of use, felt it was worth our investment and would recommend it to others. by L. Ladwig on 3/5/2006

Easy to use to create and print barcode labels

Review by Richard on 2/28/2020

I chose this product because of ease of use to create and print barcode labels and was able to create barcode labels for libraries of books, movies and music cassettes and CDs. by Richard Mills on 3/6/2007

Easy ITF-14 Barcode Labels

Review by Barbara on 2/28/2020

Thank you SOOOOO much for all your help with the ITF-14 label! You saved my day!!! by Barbara Foley on 1/20/2014

Didn't Take Long to Learn

Review by Patricia on 2/28/2020

We were able to do an order that our customer needed barcoded. If these work for him he no doubt will do repeat orders. Another item we do for him might need barcodes as well. I chose your software because you let me try a demo before buying it. The other software I looked at didn't offer that. It didn't take long at all to learn. What was really nice is the file I created with the demo was able to be used with the purchased program without having to start all over. One thing, if youc an improve the speed of creating PDF files from the software, that would be wonderful. It took about an hour and 45 minutes to create a 250-page file with 8 barcodes and a full-page imported .tif file. I had to do that 15 times. If I had a newer computer with more memory I'm sure it would have gone faster. by Patricia on 4/11/2014

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