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Very Easy

Review by Jochen on 7/8/2019

The code is used to print labels for some customers. All their goods which will be shipped are completed with a datalabel on each package. Purchase, download and installation is very easy.

Very helpful

Review by Mike on 5/28/2019

Right now I am using the software to see if I can develop a process to allow us to use a linear barcode for internal tracking and a 2D barcode for the shipping department on the same package. The installation was quite simple. I did not require support for the setup or operation of the software. I had contacted pre-sales support to find out about licensing and they were very helpful.

To the point

Review by Panos on 3/14/2019

We needed to add a QR Code in our Crystal Reports in order to scan and feed our PDM with the production orders. It was a piece of cake! Thank you ID Automation!

Thank you for your Great Work

Review by Carlo on 2/16/2019

A customer asked for a sample label, grouping 4 information in 1 single DataMatrix, instead of 4 single rows as today. We never used before, in fact we're not able to read it and we do not use it in our process (to verify it i had to use my smartphone), but it was so simple that we're thinking about it as our standard. It was very easy to install. I just looked at the example, and made some cut and copy in the old report. It was not necessary to ask for help. even if i'm not so skilled with Crystal Reports, everything was really simple.


Review by Greg on 4/18/2018

Easy to use

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