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Very helpful

Review by Mike on 5/28/2019

Right now I am using the software to see if I can develop a process to allow us to use a linear barcode for internal tracking and a 2D barcode for the shipping department on the same package. The installation was quite simple. I did not require support for the setup or operation of the software. I had contacted pre-sales support to find out about licensing and they were very helpful.

Very Easy

Review by Jochen on 7/8/2019

The code is used to print labels for some customers. All their goods which will be shipped are completed with a datalabel on each package. Purchase, download and installation is very easy.

Works Perfectly

Review by Sagar on 7/28/2019

Easy to use, simply created a formula of the barcode/string that I wanted into a text({string}) and copied my formula into the section indicated and dropped it into our report. Thank you very much for making something so fool proof to use :)

It Works OK

Review by Giorgio on 10/20/2020

For ordinary numbers (converted to string) and strings IDAutomation makes the correct barcodes in Crystal Report. After watching the tutorial on YouTube it works ok. I will not give it 5 stars, because you have to be a little bit of a nerd to cope with the problems (“a string is expected here”) No further help. Not 4 stars because dates in barcode is very difficult. (You are right, I have not solved the problem yet) No further help to be found on ID Automation. First time I got this result when I scanned the barcode: 18++09+2016Æ00Æ00Æ00 (I remember it like that) Now I’m down to the result 22+09+2016, but it shall be 22-09-2016 else my database won’t accept the reading. So all in all until now I will give it 3 stars. The smart thing is that the code is embedded in the file/document, the bad thing is the difficulties with making the codes in the document. by Alexander on 10/21/2016

Excellent Product

Review by Paul on 10/22/2020

We had a ton of issues with using barcode fonts and compatibility with hand scanners. Purchased this and within minutes issues were resolved. Worked right out of the box. by Richard on 10/23/2017

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