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Easily 5 Stars

Review by John on 1/5/2014

Our small company had a need to create USPS Merchandise Return Service labels using the Intelligent Mail for Parcels Barcode (IMpb). We have no software developers nor a budget to hire a consultant to develop these for us although we knew how to build a report in Microsoft Access. After trying a competing product and failing USPS certification, we switched to IDAutomation's Barcode Generator for Access and we were able to get our labels/barcodes certified by the USPS for use. The product was easy to learn even for a non-developer and the detailed web instructions on how to create an IMpb were a great help.

Easy to Purchase & Install

Review by Greg on 2/24/2014

The product was easy to purchase and easy to install. I just followed the directions and video. I know a moderate amount about MS Access VBA so it was easy. Great that it is native code too so its all inside my database. IDAutomation website is good to cruise around too to find the product I needed. FIVE STAR RATING all around.

Five Stars!

Review by Valerie on 7/5/2015

Installation was quick and painless, and documentation is clear and detailed. I was able to implement my new 2D barcodes on several Microsoft Access reports with about 10 minutes of effort. by Kevin on 7/6/2015

really easy to use

Review by Giorgio on 1/8/2016

really easy to use

4 Stars with a Leaning Toward 5

Review by Rob on 3/15/2016

In the end, the product does work as advertised and I would definitely recommend the product. It is far more simple in its implementation than other similar solutions I have tried, and is rock solid once in place. Support, as a rule, will also make a fairly valiant effort to assist. I would recommend shared screen help that would (in my case for sure) save a LOT of time. I would give it 5 stars, but in the end, there was a great deal of confusion as to what was actually on the web site versus what tech support "thought" I was seeing on the web site.

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