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Pretty Solid

Review by Paul on 8/12/2019

I purchased it at my last company also. I wish you had a little better plan for non-Profits. I had to spend my own money to purchase to make things happen, as this was a non-funded project for them. Even a reasonable reduction in price for a non-Profit would be nice. Anyhow, the product was easy to install, good instructions and no issues. Two things I would like, would be the ability to make the QR a little smaller, and the ability to show a live QR on the screen. Thanks!

Very Happy

Review by Dennis on 6/17/2019

It was super easy to install and use. This morning we went live with ENITEO warehouse software by ENMARK systems. They generate 4x4 inventory labels with barcodes, which is fine for most of their customers. But we are a warehouse & retail outlet and we needed 3 sizes of price tags (1x2 the smallest, then 1x4 and 2x4). ENITEO doesn't support price tags. So we used their Report Writer tool, dumped the inventory data into ACCESS and merged with a file containing label-size-per-location and generated our own price tags. It worked so well that we went ahead and generated all of our initial inventory tags too. ENMARK kindly took copies of our tags and verified that their scanner reads your barcode format. I am thinking now of expanding our use of your barcodes. In any case thank you very much.

Well Designed - Reasonably Priced

Review by David on 5/28/2019

The website was a little difficult to navigate to determine exactly which product to purchase and how to purchase it. I did not interact with your staff so I can't comment on that. The product did exactly what it said it would do and was easy to install and use. Thank you for a well designed and reasonably priced application.

Beautiful Solution for Us

Review by Carlo on 1/29/2018

We used the access module to generate Code 128 barcodes on some inventory labels we were creating. It worked beautifully! Labels are perfect and has saved logistics thousands of hours of entry, by being able to generate a label w/barcode. We are using MS Access as an intermediary tool to prepare our data for migration to an ERP provider. Access has enabled us to pull data from the old system, format it correctly and push the results into the new system. Part of this temporary process involves printing inventory labels out of Access until the new system is ready to go. Logistics Mgr can now spit out as many labels with barcodes, as he needs. Perfect!

Einfach Genial (Just Awesome)

Review by John on 1/22/2018

Super Software👍 Einfache Handhabung. Ich bin total begeistert. English: Easy to use. I am really excited.

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