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Easy to Use

Review by Raylene on 2/28/2020

The font packages we purchased were the UPC and the 128. We also used the Crystal UFL. We purchased the UPC font package since our Azalea package did not have it. However, I was disappointed to find out that we were then forced to purchase the 128 package since the UPC package and the Azalea would not work together when printing to a thermal printer. Before installing the UPC package, we were able to scan our 128 barcode with ease, we just couldn't scan the UPC barcode (using a thermal printer). After installing the UPC package, we were able to scan the UPC barcode, and suddenly we couldn't scan the 128 barcodes (using a thermal printer). We installed the demo version of your 128 package to troubleshoot and the 128 barcodes began scanning again (using a thermal printer). So at that point, we knew we were going to have to purchase another license just to get our project to work. The packages are super easy to use and install, but it seemed pricey for what it was. by Raylene on 10/8/2015

Excellent product, good support

Review by Mark on 2/28/2020

Easy to use and good support by Sudaporn Rodprasert on 11/2/2015

Web Fonts Integrated with SyncFusion JavaScript RDLC ReportViewer

Review by Krittikorn on 2/28/2020

I lose time so much to research and looking for Free Code128 and no solution work, In the end I back to choose IDAutomation Code 128 Font Advantage Package I work very well and easy to implement , I can complete my job with in few day. I use Web fonts integrated with SyncFusuion JavaScript RDLC ReportViewer to preview/print Barcode 128 auto (pay-in Slip) on Web, Tablet, and Mobile. by Krittikorn on 1/5/2016

Successful Integration

Review by Katy on 2/28/2020

We have already installed the source code 128 on our computers and we printed our documents very successfully. by Katy on 6/20/2016

4.5 No One Can be Perfect!

Review by Chris on 2/28/2020

IDAutomation has stood behind us and we appreciate it. by Chris on 11/17/2016

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