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Review by DENNIS on 2/28/2020

It's working fine. by Livadas on 5/25/2017

You're really fair

Review by Gerri on 2/28/2020

I did not think it was possible to get a refund for a software purchase. Thank you very much for the guidance and for the wonderful service. by Ben on 2/2/2018

Working Well

Review by Jean on 2/28/2020

Thanks, it has been working well, our needs are actually very basic, so this suited that just fine. by Jean on 8/13/2018

Sys Engineer

Review by Sehr zufrieden (Very satisfied) on 2/28/2020

Works in both windows and Unix/Linux environment. Good Documentation for first time users. by IT on 9/21/2018

Great Service

Review by Michael on 2/28/2020

I purchased barcode software and encountered many obstacles trying to duplicate a barcode being used by a customer. Our company was now in charge of the task of printing shipment barcode labels and placing them on master cartons for goods to be shipped to Walmart Canada. However Benjamin, Roxanne and others at ID Automation walked us through it to get it right quickly. They also took the time to walk me through what to do with Crystal reports coding ( I am not a programmer) when my programmer was not available as we had a tight timeline. So I am very happy and would highly recommend this company to anyone. by Michael on 10/22/2018

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