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Just what the doctor ordered

Review by Lon on 4/27/2023

My company was in need of a way to create dynamic QR codes on the fly to print on Renewal notices that would take customers directly to a personalized web page. The QR-Code Font and Encoder Suite product we purchased did the trick. Easily integrated into Crystal Reports by way of a formula provided, which simply reads a data field and converts to the proper QR code. I was literally testing within 1/2 hour of purchase. Many other formulas/encoders were included that integrate into Excel, Word and other applications. Very happy with the cost and would recommend to others looking to do the same.


Review by GILSAR LTD on 1/14/2020

The QR Code is put on each of our invoices. The product was easy to install and apply. I haven't asked technical support for help so far, and have no comments with it.

Very Helpful

Review by Carlo on 2/16/2019

Currently using in an Excel application for our batching system in our factory. We may be looking at using it in Crystal Reports soon. It was relatively easy to follow the Excel tutorial on your website. I believe Nate from the Sales staff is the only person I've dealt with so far, and he was very helpful in helping me select the correct license.

Very Happy

Review by Peter on 2/1/2019

I am using your product to produce a QR Code from Crystal Reports so the college can product a label to stick onto a student assessment, paper based, to allow filing and retrieval for moderation. 1D barcodes were not able to contain the information (and would have had scan errors) and I had tried another prodcut for 2D codes but their QR Code was always corrupted so was very happy when your solution worked. The QR Code is only one part of the workflow, the process has saved the teaching staff hours in that they don't have to manually save and file documents. We will probably produce about 3,000 labels a year. Installation was relatively straightforward, although I tripped myself up with the package I installed, Ben with your technical support staff was helpful in providing assistance.

Works as Expected

Review by Giorgio on 4/4/2018

I have my QR-codes already in the report of my Access database. It was exactly the type of tool I was looking for. It is one cornerstone for my application, which is not implemented right now but progressing. Thank you.

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