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New Products:
1. ASP.NET Barcode Server Control
2. 2D Barcode Scanner & Verifier

Updated Support Issues and Technical FAQ:
3. How to install TrueType Barcode Fonts on MAC OS X
4. Out of memory errors on Windows XP with ActiveX Control
5. Barcode Applets now work with Internet Explorer

Company Information:
6. Affiliate Program

ASP.NET Barcode Server Control

Easily integrate dynamic barcodes into ASP.NET Web Applications with our new Linear ASP.NET Barcode Server Control. The 100% managed code control creates dynamic JPEG images that are compatible with all web browsers. Because it is a server based solution, no additional software or fonts need to be installed at the client. Barcodes on WebPages can be used automate several online tasks that involve something that is printed from a browser such as online tickets, coupons, name badges, invoices, registrations, rebate mailers, check-in confirmations, RMA packing slips and gift certificates. More information and the fully functional evaluation version of the control is available here:

If you are interested in creating barcodes on the web and you do not want to use ASP.NET as a development environment, we have a few other server based solutions to offer:

ASP Barcode Server Component for IIS - a COM based server component for implementing barcodes on the internet.

Java Barcode Servlet - a Java server component that operates on any operating system with a Java Virtual Machine.

2D Barcode Scanner and Verifier

The HHP IT4410 Image Reader we resell now features a Two-dimensional Print Quality Assessment tool which is used to verify 2D barcodes. This is not full ISO 2D verification, however, it allows users to check the quality of the 2D bar code symbols by (1) identifying a successfully read symbol and (2) reporting graded measurement parameters obtained from the symbol. More information and order links are located at:

Install TrueType Barcode Fonts on MAC OSX

For our Macintosh users that are upgrading to OS X, we have added installation procedures. The new operating system simplifies TrueType font installation and makes use of Windows TrueType fonts. The new procedures are located here:

Out of memory errors with ActiveX Control

We have issued an update to our Linear ActiveX Control and DLL product that solves a problem where “out of memory” errors occur after creating about 30,000 or more barcodes in a short amount of time on Windows XP. The update was released October 30th, 2002 and updated on December 12, 2002. Details of the update are at:

If you use this product and have not received your update since that date, please email us at with your order ID so we can provide you with a download link.

Barcode Applets now work with Internet Explorer

For some time now Internet Explorer contained a bug that would not allow applets to be printed. IE 6 with SP1 installed solves this problem. Creating barcodes with applets is an easy way to implement barcodes on WebPages if your clients have a compatible web browser. We have documented more information about this at:

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The purpose of the newsletter is to keep you informed of updates for the products you ordered, industry news and technical support issues for our ID Automation products.

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