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New Products:
1. Data Matrix .NET Controls
2. Barcode Image Generator
3. Barcode Wand

Updated Support Issues and FAQ:
4. Barcode fonts do not display in Netscape
5. How to add Barcodes to QuickBooks forms

Company Information:
6. How to renew your Priority Support and Upgrade Subscription
7. Affiliate Program information

New Product - Data Matrix .NET Controls

We have recently released two DataMatrix .NET controls; the Forms Control and Server Control. DataMatrix is a popular 2D barcode symbology that is used to encode hundreds of characters in a single symbol. The Forms Control is used in local .NET applications and the Server Control is used in .NET Web Applications. To download a demo of the control or obtain more information, please visit one of the following:

Forms Control Site:

Server Control Site:

2. Barcode Image Generator

The IDAutomation Barcode Image Generator is a bar code image generation application that is used to create and paste barcodes into other applications. It is also used to generate high quality graphic barcode image files for import into other applications such as PhotoShop, Quark or CorelDraw for printing purposes. To download a demo or obtain more information, please visit:

3. Barcode Wand

Are you looking for an easy to transport barcode wand for your laptop? We now have the new Unitech USB Barcode Wand MS100U. The MS100U barcode wand is targeted toward low reading volume and cost effective solutions. The advanced optics and electronic design convert bar code labels into a high quality digital signal. Able to read color, faded and low contrast barcodes accurately, the MS100U is a proven solution. At only $119, order yours now at:

Information about how to scan data into applications with a USB wand or scanner is provided at:

4. Barcode fonts do not display in Netscape

We have recently resolved an issue where a customer was using the Netscape Navigator Browser to display HTML pages with local barcode fonts. The barcode fonts would display correctly in other browsers. This problem was corrected by changing the character encoding to one of the ISO or Unicode character sets. In Netscape 4.x, this setting is under View/Encoding on the toolbar.

5. How to add Barcodes to QuickBooks forms

We created a barcode tutorial to help QuickBooks users integrate bar code automation into existing QuickBooks reports that are printed directly from QuickBooks. There are a few products on the market that let you print labels from QuickBooks data. However, we feel it is sometimes better to print the barcode on the existing form directly from QuickBooks. The tutorial and FAQ for this is located at:

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The purpose of the newsletter is to keep you informed of updates for the products you ordered, industry news and technical support issues for our ID Automation products.

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