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New Products:
1. Sun StarOffice & OpenOffice Barcode Macros
2. IDTech Versakey POS Keyboard with MagStripe Reader
3. Opticon LPN-1736 Omni-Directional Scanner

Knowledgebase Updates:
4. How to run .NET Applications from a Network Share or Mapped Drive

Company Information:
5. How to renew your Priority Support and Upgrade Subscription

Sun StarOffice & OpenOffice Barcode Macros

IDAutomationVB.bas used to create bar codes in have released a new font tool compatible with Star Office 8 and Open Office 2.0 and should be compatible with later releases as well. The tutorial describes how to use our barcode fonts with our IDAutomationVB.bas in and Sun's StarOffice. The tool can be downloaded from

For the complete Sun StarOffice & OpenOffice Barcode Font Tutorial, please visit:

IDTech Versakey POS Keyboard

IDTech Versakey POS Keyboard with MagStripe ReaderID TECHís VersaKey features the enhanced 105/106 keys layout maximizing the userís productivity. The included MagStripe reader with many country specific layouts provides added flexibility, starting at $99 USD.

VersaKeyís integrated MagStripe reader is developed with configurability in mind. Reader output can be transformed to fit your specific application with the included configuration software, such as the format of the output or the selection of specific tracks on the ISO 7811 compliant cards.

VersaKey either comes in USB or PS/2 depending on the userís needs. For added convenience, the USB version also comes with a USB Hub. Whether itís the PS/2 or the USB version, the communication is shared between the keyboard and the MagStripe reader meaning a reduction of cabling for the user.

For more information about the IDTech Versakey POS Keyboard with MagStripe Reader, please visit:

Opticon LPN-1736 Omni-Directional Scanner

The miniature LPN 1736 omni-directional laser scanner is one of the smallest, hands-free scanners available with a footprint requiring less than 3" by 3", starting at $299 USD. This state-of-the-art scanner operates at 1000 scans per second using 32-Bit microprocessor technology. The small size allows the scanner to fit into the tightest locations making it ideal for a wide range of uses from industrial environments to retail POS applications.

This item has been discontinued since the initial release of this newsletter, other omni-directional options are available:

Run .NET App from a shared Network or Mapped Drive

When attempting to run the IDAutomation Barcode Label Software or the Barcode Image Generator from a server via a shared or mapped drive, an error similar to the following may occur:

This problem is caused because of security settings designed to protect your system. .NET applications do not grant rights to use DLLs on networked or mapped drives.

For a resolution to this problem, please visit:

Renew Priority Support and Upgrade Subscription, Inc. offers technical support and product upgrade protection if the "Priority Support and Upgrade Subscription" is purchased with your order. Priority Support and Upgrade Subscription allows you to receive:

  • Priority phone support.
  • Access to the download link for the entire year without having to contact us to reset it.
  • The latest version of the product automatically.
  • Help Desk support on the evenings, weekends and holidays.

For customers that do not purchase Priority Support and Upgrade Subscription, support is limited to our online knowledge base. If you need to add or update your Priority Support and Upgrade Subscription, you may order it here. After your order is processed, you will receive a download link to the latest version of the product.

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The purpose of the newsletter is to keep you informed of updates for the products you ordered, industry news and technical support issues for our ID Automation products.

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