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  Microsoft Reporting Services Barcode Custom Report Item

New Hardware Markdowns:
  Hand Held Products 3800g Linear Imager Kit
  Hand Held Products IT3820 Cordless Linear Imager Kit

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  Web Layout Mode for Oracle Reports

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Microsoft Reporting Services Barcode CRI:

The Microsoft Reporting Services Barcode Custom Report Item (CRI) creates barcodes in Microsoft Reporting Services reports as an integrated component without the use of barcode fonts. All Designer and Render DLLs provided are 100% managed code created in C#, digitally signed and time-stamped with Authenticode certificates. The CRI is royalty free with the purchase of the Developer License.

More information about the IDAutomation Microsoft Reporting Services Barcode CRI, including a download of the evaluation version, is provided at:

Newly Reduced Prices on Scanners:

We have just marked down a couple of the scanners we resell:

Hand Held Products 3800g Linear Imager Kit now priced at $199. The 3800g is one of the newest members of the legendary 3800 family of linear imagers. It has a modern industrial design which results in a smaller, lighter device for increased operator comfort and productivity. It's fast, intuitive barcode reading covers a range of high and low density codes, even reading damaged and poorly printed bar codes.

The Hand Held Products IT3820 Cordless Linear Imager Kit, starting at $489, is one of the most economical cordless imagers on the market. With it's impact absorbing rugged housing, this scanner is extremely durable and built for retail and commercial applications. The 33' Bluetooth range gives users the ability safely scan items with a 24" read-range.

View our scanner index for other models to fit your needs:

Scanner Index USB | Linear CCD | Linear Laser | Linear + PDF417 | 2D Imagers | Omni-Directional | Wireless
RFID | Portable Memory | Wands | Verifiers | Slot Readers | Check Readers | ID Security Devices

Barcoding Oracle Reports with JavaScript Generator:

IDAutomation has provided a tutorial explaining how to use IDAutomation's JavaScript Barcode Generator to create barcodes in web layout mode for Oracle Reports. Because this product is a native JavaScript, there are no additional components, fonts or plug-ins that need to be installed to create barcodes.

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IDAutomation's Priority Support and Upgrade Subscription allows you to receive the latest version of the product, unlimited phone support, priority Help Desk support during work hours and additional help desk support on evenings, weekends and holidays.

Priority SupportIf the Priority Support and Upgrade Subscription has not been purchased or is expired, it may be activated from the appropriate link:

If the Priority Support and Upgrade Subscription has been purchased:

If you have an active Priority Support agreement, log back into our online store and go to “Account” located in the upper right hand corner. On the Account screen, there will be a list of Recent Orders with a summary of what each order contains if there is more than one. Click on the "View Order" button of the order that contains the software to download. The download will be located under Digital Goods section of the online Invoice.

For customers who do not purchase the Priority Support and Upgrade Subscription, support is limited to our online knowledge base and the product support site. Product updates are only provided to customers with an active Priority Support and Upgrade Subscription.

Recent Press Releases:

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