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  IDAutomation Linear Barcode ActiveX Control (IDA31)
  IDAutomation Linear + 2D Barcode ActiveX Control (IDA39)

New Hardware:
  OPL7836 USB Laser Scanner by Opticon
  Opticon's CR2 - 2D Barcode Imager with Bluetooth Class 1 Radio
  CR3 1.3 Mega Pixel CMOS Barcode Imager with Bluetooth by Opticon
  Opticon OPR 3001 Rugged Industrial Laser Scanner

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New Product: Microsoft Reporting Services Barcode Custom Report Item
  Product Update: .NET Barcode Forms Control
  Product Update: Native Barcode Generator for Microsoft Access

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IDAutomation Barcode ActiveX Control: has released a new version of their ActiveX controls to address a possible vulnerability caused by the use of insecure libraries inherit to ActiveX technologies. Under very specific conditions, the vulnerability could allow a DOS attack to take place on the effected system. The latest release of all IDAutomation’s ActiveX products implement secure libraries which eliminate the possibility of such attacks.

More information about the IDAutomation ActiveX Control, including a download for evaluation, is provided at:

If the product was purchased and you would like to obtain the update, please refer to the Priority Support and Upgrade Subscription Renewal section of this newsletter.

New Opticon Scanners:

We have just added a couple of the scanners from Opticon to our inventory:

Opticon's compact OPL7836 USB Laser Scanner offers economical performance and sturdiness in light industrial, retail, health management and office environments. With it's new state-of-the-art circuitry, the 100 scan/second laser scanner delivers exceptional scanning performance along with outstanding ergonomics and productivity enhancing features, perfect for Point of Sale cash stands and storeroom environments where quick aims and fast scans are needed to increase productivity.

This scanner was discontinued since the release of this newsletter. Alternate Linear scanners are available.

The new CR2 is Opticon's 2007 replacement for the popular LG2. The CR2 is multifaceted enough for the most demanding warehouse and production applications, yet stylish, effective and economical enough for POS applications. Small and light weight enough to be used in parcel tracking, the CR2 features a 1300 milliamp Lithium-Ion battery and 8 MB of non-volatile memory, outperforming all other similar devices on the market. CR2 auto-discriminates between all major 2-D and linear barcode types.

The new CR3 1.3 Mega Pixel CMOS Barcode Imager with Bluetooth by Opticon is a revolutionary imager that uses advanced Bluetooth wireless and advanced CMOS barcode technology combined in an innovative package. The imager can be configured to retain data in non-volatile memory or transfer in real time, while giving reliable data transfer at extremely low power consumption at ranges up to 300 feet.

The above items were discontinued since the release of this news letter. Alternate Portable Memory scanners are available.

OPR 3001 Rugged Industrial Laser ScannerThe Opticon OPR 3001 Rugged Industrial Laser Scanner features a rubberized pistol-grip, trigger-guard and is sealed to IP54 standards for operation in harsh, unclean conditions including extreme temperatures and humidity. The 100 scan per second handheld barcode scanner weighs just 7.4 ounces, and withstands drops of up to 6.5 feet onto concrete. Designed for aggressive reading of poorly printed and damaged barcodes, the OPR 3001 is well suited for commercial retail environments, warehouses and back-office retail applications including shipping and receiving. This scanner reads all linear barcodes, plus PDF417 and micro-PDF417 barcodes.

View our scanner index for other models to fit your needs:

Scanner Index USB | Linear CCD | Linear Laser | Linear + PDF417 | 2D Imagers | Omni-Directional | Wireless
RFID | Portable Memory | Wands | Verifiers | Slot Readers | Check Readers | ID Security Devices

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