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Product Update: GS1 Databar Image Generator

The update to the 2010 GS1 Databar Barcode Image Generator includes the following features:

  • Generate Multiple Images by loading a text file with the GUI or from a command prompt, including batch file. This new feature can create thousands of barcodes in under a minute.
  • Use the Save/Load Generator Settings to save or load image generator properties to an XML file. It is now possible to save settings such as Data To Encode, Symbology, Show Human Readable, Background Color and Bar Color just to name a few to an XML file.

A fully functional evaluation copy of the GS1 Databar Barcode Image Generator may be downloaded from:

Product Update: Reporting Services Barcode CRI

SQL Server 2008 version is now supported in the Microsoft Reporting Services Barcode Custom Report Item. This product creates barcodes in Microsoft Reporting Services as an integrated drag-and-drop Custom Report Item (CRI) control, without the use of barcode fonts. The designer and render DLLs provided are digitally signed and time-stamped with Authenticode certificates.

The new 2010 version now includes two separate installers for Reporting Services SQL Server 2005 and 2008. All the user needs to do is verify two directories and it will automatically copy the dll files to the necessary places and update the config files appropriately.

A fully functional evaluation copy of any of the Reporting Services Barcode CRI products may be downloaded from:

Hardware Update: IDAutomation Wireless Barcode Scanner

The new 2010 Wireless Class A BlueTooth Barcode Scanner can now scan barcodes up to 300 feet (approximately 100 meters) away from the cradle. Once the scanner is linked to the cradle, it transmits scanned barcodes via wireless radio to the cradle. The cradle connects to the computer via USB with keyboard emulation, so that any data scanned appears as if it had been typed at the cursor.

New Hardware: Elo TouchSystems 19MR1 19" All-in-one Desktop Touch-computer for HealthCare

The 19MR1 All-in-One Desktop Touchcomputer meets the many various needs of healthcare applications including patient bedside entertainment, patient check-in and hospital kiosk applications, mobile computer on wheels for patient charting applications, digital signage in medical settings, medical OEM control panels and non-diagnostic image viewing applications, in addition to standard agency certifications.

More information about the ELO TouchSystems 19MR1 19" All-in-One Desktop Touchcomputer.

New Hardware: DataLogic Gryphon GM4100 Linear Barcode Imager with Counterfeit Detection

The DataLogic Gryphon GM4100 BlueTooth Linear Barcode Imager has the fastest speed-to-read with 325 scans per second and the ability to read up to 98 feet from the base. The Gryphon’s batch mode capability allows more than 1,200 bar codes to be stored in the memory. The dual position cradle provides multiple features as a hands-free or presentation style reader and scan-while-charging capability. New 2010 feature includes the Counterfeit Money/ID Document detection located in the Gryphon I GM4100 Base Station.

For more information, please visit https://www.idautomation.com/scanners/gryphon-M4100.html

New Video Tutorials for the Image Generator:

To assist our customers with implementing and working with our products, we have put together a group of training videos:

Product Updates and Priority Support and Upgrade Subscription Renewal

Priority Support & Upgrade SubscriptionIDAutomation's Priority Support and Upgrade Subscription allows you to receive the latest version of the product, unlimited phone support, priority Help Desk support during work hours and additional help desk support on evenings, weekends and holidays.

If the Priority Support and Upgrade Subscription has not been purchased or is expired, it may be activated from the appropriate link:

If you have an active Priority Support agreement, log into the IDAutomation store and go to “Account” located in the upper right hand corner. On the Account screen, there will be a list of Recent Orders with a summary of what each order contains if there is more than one. Click on the "View Order" button of the order that contains the software to download. The download will be located under Digital Goods section of the online Invoice.

For customers who do not purchase the Priority Support and Upgrade Subscription, support is limited to our online knowledge base and the product support site. Product updates are only provided to customers with an active Priority Support and Upgrade Subscription.

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