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Brant Anderson, Inc.
550 N. Reo Street; Suite 300
Tampa, FL 33609 813-514-2564

June 22, 2001

MaxiCode JavaBean and Servlet for Printing UPS Compliant Barcodes from the Internet or Java Applications

(Tampa, FL.) Easily add MaxiCode barcodes to web and Java applications. MaxiCode is a one inch square barcode that is used by UPS to encode delivery information on packing slips. By integrating barcode technology directly into the application, it is no longer necessary to export the data to a proprietary label program to print barcodes. The MaxiCode Barcode Java Package contains a JavaBean, Class Library and Servlet for Barcoding. The servlets and applets require no programming; the servlets may be embedded in dynamic HTML with the standard <IMG> tag and the applets may be embedded with the <APPLET> tag.

An evaluation copy may be downloaded from their website at The evaluation copy contains the JavaBean, Servlet, Class Library, a user manual and source code for the applet and servlet. Royalty free site or distribution license is $395 USD., Inc. also provides Barcode fonts, MICR fonts, OCR fonts, barcode scanners, Microsoft Office Barcode Add-ins and ActiveX controls., Inc. has been marketing IDAutomation products for businesses since 1996 and is privately held. For more information, visit their website at


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