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Roxanne McSheehy, Inc.
550 N. Reo Street; Suite 300
Tampa, FL 33609 813-514-2564

November 22, 2006 announces the release of their Native PDF417 Encoders with MacroPDF support .

(Tampa, FL.), Inc. now provides Native PDF417 Encoders and MacroPDF support in the latest release of the PDF417 Font and Encoder package. The package, which has been sold since 2001, also includes many new font encoders and graphic encoders for easy generation and integration of PDF417 barcode symbols into many different applications and development environments. PDF417 is a bar-code type that has the capability to encode hundreds of characters and even files. The font encoder components in the product return a text string, that when printed or displayed with the IDAutomation PDF417 font, create the bar-code symbol.

Graphic encoders simply return a graphic of the symbol. Encoders provided include: .NET DLL, Forms Control, ASP.NET Web Component, ActiveX DLL, Crystal Reports UFL, Java Class Library, Java Servlet, Native VB Module for Visual Basic, Excel and Access and the Native Crystal Reports Formula. The native formulas provided allow PDF417 bar code symbols to be created without any DLLs or libraries. The download includes examples for Crystal Reports, Microsoft Access, Word and Crystal Reports.

Pricing for the package starts at $199 for a single user license. A royalty free developer license, which allows redistribution, costs $1190. A fully functional evaluation version of the font package is available for download at the product website: ., Inc. has been marketing products for businesses since 1996 and is privately held. For more information, visit their website at .

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