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Java Linear Barcode Applet Example


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The barcode image is designed to be painted as the page loads and may not refresh properly on all browsers. In a production environment, barcodes generated from applets should be painted as the page loads as is the case when this page is first loaded. View our pre-loaded applet demo for an implementation example.

Data to Encode: *
Barcode Symbology:
Symbology Specific Options:
Add Check Digit: (Not required for Code 39 or Codabar)
Add Check Digit to Text: (Not applicable to Code 128, UCC128, UPC or EAN)
Code 128 character set: (0=Automatic; For EAN/UCC-128 in automatic mode, enter as FNC1 before each AI. Example...)
EAN/UPC Supplement:
UPC-E System:
Size and Orientation:
Orientation angle:
X Dimension: (Size of narrow bar in CM; adjustable within .03CM increments. More about this...)
N Dimension: (Size of wide bar; =N*X; default = 2)
Height: (Height of barcode in CM default = 2)
Graphic Configuration:
Background Color:
Barcode Color:
Text Color: (Make this the same as the Background Color to hide the text)
Text Size:
User Guide
API Documentation
* Some symbologies require a fixed length value:
  • EAN13: a 13 or 12 digit number.
  • EAN8: a 8 or 7 digit number.
  • UPCA and UPCE: a 12 or 11 digit number.
  • Add-Ons - You may enter the +2 and +5 add-on codes by just adding them to the end of the string. If the check digit is added, it will be ignored and regenerated to ensure that the code can be scanned. If you rotate the barcode by 270, you may need to increase the top margin.
 Some symbology selections have been enhanced for UCC/EAN-128:
  • When the symbology is CODE128 and the character set is set to "0" for automatic, ASCII 202 or character is entered as the FNC1 before each AI. For example, the UCC number of (8100) 712345 (21) 12WH5678 should be entered as: 81007123452112WH5678
    This symbology option is used for encoding alpha-numeric data.
  • When  the symbology is UCC128, the first FNC1 is automatically included and additional AIs may be added with two characters, for example, the UCC number of (8100) 712345 (21) 12345678 should be entered as: 81007123452112345678
    This symbology option is used only for encoding numeric data and is the easiest to use for encoding SSCC-18 and SCC-14.
  • For more information, please review our Code 128 data sheet.
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