IDAutomation Linear Forms Control

BarcodeGraphicsForms Methods

The methods of the BarcodeGraphicsForms class are listed below. For a complete list of BarcodeGraphicsForms class members, see the BarcodeGraphicsForms Members topic.

Public Instance Methods

PaintEntryPoint The main routine for everything. This routine is called in OnPaint and handles the major logic for the entire process. Good Routine.
PaintOnGraphics Draws Barcode on with the graphics passed in (uses the DPI of the graphics object)
RefreshImage Method that is manually called by user after properties are updated if the control is not visible or used as an object without a visible interface.
RefreshPrinterDPI Re-queries the default printer to obtain DPI settings of printer.
SaveImageAs Saves the image to the specified location as the specified file type
SaveIndependentEMF Saves the metafile contained in the IndependentEMF property of the control.
SaveMetafile Saves the metafile contained in the picture property of the control.

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