IDAutomation Linear Forms Control

Code128CharacterSets Enumeration

The available character sets for the Code 128 Symbology.

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[Visual Basic]
Public Enum Code128CharacterSets
public enum Code128CharacterSets


Member Name Description
Auto Automatically switches between character sets as necessary to produce the most efficient barcode.
A Allows for uppercase characters, punctuation and numbers. Lower case characters create several special functions in set A such as a return or tab. It may be necessary to use set A to manually encode these functions in a barcode.
B The most common because it encodes everything from ASCII 32 to ASCII 126. It allows for upper and lower case letters, punctuation, numbers and a few select functions.
C Encodes only an even set of numbers. Because the numbers are "interleaved" into pairs, two numbers are encoded into every barcode character which makes it a very high density barcode. If the number to encode is not an even number, a leading zero should be added.


Namespace: IDAutomation.Windows.Forms.LinearBarCode

Assembly: IDAutomation.LinearBarCode (in IDAutomation.LinearBarCode.dll)

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