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Data Matrix Font & Encoder Tutorial

The IDAutomation Data Matrix Font and Encoder is a collection of components that generate Data Matrix barcode symbols using both fonts and graphics. The Font Encoder Application (FEA) is included in this package to easily generate Data Matrix symbols with TrueType or PostScript fonts within Windows operating systems.

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Data Matrix Font and Encoder for Windows Tutorial

This tutorial describes how to easily generate and paste Data Matrix symbols into an application. Refer to the Font Encoder Software Application site for other capabilities, including the ability to generate multiple barcodes, import features, 2D XLM export capabilities and command line arguments.

Step 1

After the application starts, enter the data to be encoded in the "Data to Encode..." field and choose the "Copy to Clipboard" button.
Data Matrix Font Encoder App (FEA) for Windows

Step 2

In Microsoft Wordpad or a similar application, set the cursor on the area to place the barcode, choose the IDAutomationDMatrix.ttf or IDAutomation2D.ttf font and select 8 points for the size.
Select The Appropriate Data Matrix Font

Step 3

Choose Edit - Paste to paste the barcode string into the application.
Paste The Data Matrix Font into Wordpad or Similar Application
If white lines appear in the symbol, select the entire symbol, choose Line Spacing Options and make sure the line spacing is set to 1. Additionally, ensure there is enough space available to contain the entire size of the symbol.

How it works

To understand how the Font and Encoder work together, deselect the "Apply Barcode Font" checkbox. After it is deselected, the text appears that creates the barcode symbol from the font. Select the "Apply Barcode Font" checkbox again to apply the barcode font to the text.
The Data Matrix FEA result as text.

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