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PDF417 Encoder VB Conversion

The PDF417 encoder was written in Visual Basic 6.0 and consists of approximately 600 lines of code. The source code was written in an easy-to-understand manner with several comments and will also allow programmers of other languages to easily convert the code. The following table is a list of the Visual Basic functions used in IDAutomation's source code and what they do. To convert the code, programmers should find similar functions in the other programming language.

VB Function Result
Asc(character) Converts a character to the ASCII value
Chr(n) Returns the character represented by the number n in ASCII
Len(string) Returns the length of a string
Mid(string, x, n) Returns n number characters from a string starting from location x
(number Mod n) Returns the remainder after number is divided by n
Right$(string, n) Returns n characters starting from the right of the string
RTrim(LTrim(string)) Removes spaces before and after a string
Fix(number) Returns the integer of a number
(number \ number) The "\" performs integer division on numbers rounding down
Dim variable() As Variant Defines an array within a variable. Then the array contents are defined using the following two methods: variable = Array("value1", "value2", etc.) and variable(1) = "value1"
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