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Download QR-Code Barcode Fonts

If the encoded text and larger symbols will cause a testing conflict, consider ordering the licensed version, with the confidence of a 30-day money-back guarantee if not completely satisfied.
Download the QR-Code Font Advantage Package Immediately After Purchase
Order the QR-Code Barcode Font and Encoder Advantage Package

The free QR-Code demo font download package includes the fully functional 2D font with limited sample versions of the font encoders useful for testing and evaluation. The font encoders are used to convert data into a text string that will produce an accurate QR-Code symbol when combined with the 2D font.

Download the QR Code Demo Font and Encoder Advantage Package

The evaluation version of the QR-Code fonts will produce slightly larger barcode symbols because the text "DEMO [CR] [LF]" will be added to the beginning of any data encoded. The purchased version is fully-functional and does not require license keys or activation.

Verifying the integrity of QR-Codes may be a benefit during the implementation phase of the project. IDAutomation offers the 2D Scanner with PQA (Print Quality Assessment), which may be used to easily read and verify the print quality of QR-Codes.

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