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Keyboard for clean room environmentsWashable J84-2800 Series Keyboard

  • Fully-sealed, washable keyboard for medical environments.
  • Unique easy-to-wipe keypad with cleansing wipes.
  • Clean key lock to prevent data from being transmitted during cleaning process.
  • Sealed rubber casing makes it suitable for rinsing and immersion.
  • For more information about the J84-2800 Series Keyboard, visit Cherry Electronics product website.

Order Now - Backlit USB Keyboard in Black

Washable USB Medical Keyboard in Black - $209 - Price includes the Washable, Black, 11 Inch, USB, QWERTY, Adjustable LED Back Light and Clean Key keyboard. Mfg# J842120LUBUS2
No PO boxes please. This product can be shipped to addresses in the USA and Canada only. Overseas shipping options. Products that are opened cannot be returned unless they are defective. For more information, review the return policy. For any questions about the correct scanner model, contact IDAutomation.
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Home > Scanners > Keyboards > Washable J84-2800 Keyboard for Medical Applications

Keyboards used in clean environments such as hospitals and in the healthcare industry have been recognized as a highly susceptible source of cross-contamination. Cherry’s J84-2800 Series medical keyboard allows fast and effortless sanitation, ensuring that infection control procedures are carried out without interference to patient care, and without costly hardware downtime.

Key Features
  • Unique easy-to-wipe keypad
    • No room for bacteria and infection traps between keys.
    • Easy-to-clean on top and between keys.
    • Ideal for a range of commercial anti-bacterial cleaning wipes and cloths.
  • Clean key lock
    • Prevents data from being sent while the keyboard is wiped down, allowing user to clean at any interval with minimal downtime.
    • User is notified of ‘lock down mode’ by flashing LEDs.
  • Fully sealed
    • Completely sealed rubber casing.
    • Suitable for rinsing and immersion with cleaning and disinfection fluids.
  • Tactile keyswitch
    • Extended 1.5mm key travel.
    • Allows comfortable data entry performance.
  • Applications
    • Areas with strict hygiene demands, including operating areas, medical carts, ward stations, intensive care etc.
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