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Creating Barcodes in XML Publisher

The implementation tutorial presented here creates barcodes in Oracle XML Publisher with RTF templates using the PDF417 Font and Encoder or the Data Matrix ECC200 Font and Encoder. This example is a summary taken from a barcoding blog written by Tim Dexter at the Oracle Website. For assistance with this tutorial, please refer to the blog and the example provided for it.

  1. When creating linear barcodes such as Code 128, please refer to the Oracle XML Publisher Blog for Linear and Code 128 Barcodes.
  2. To obtain the barcode fonts and their encoding classes; purchase either the PDF417 Font and Encoder or the Data Matrix ECC200 Font and Encoder.
  3. Integrate the appropriate class into the CLASSPATH for the PDF417 Java Class Font Encoder or the Data Matrix Java Class Font Encoder.
  4. Install the appropriate font from the file or run the installation executable to install the font in Windows.
  5. Update the XMLP encoding class. For example, when implementing PDF417, import the font encoder class and add an entry for the pdf417 font:
    import IDautomationPDFE.PDF417Encoder;
    ENCODERS.put("pdf417",mUtility.getClass().getMethod("pdf417", clazz));
    and create a pdf417 method that just calls the class provided by the font vendor:
    public static final String pdf417( String DataToEncode )
    PDF417Encoder pdfe = new PDF417Encoder();
    return ( pdfe.fontEncode(DataToEncode) );
    Compile and deploy to the server as normal.
  6. Use the font in a template. Open Microsoft Word. Create the template and for the data that is to be encoded in the barcode:
    (a) Use a formfield or raw text
    <?format-barcode:ITEM_DESCRIPTION ;'PDF417';'XMLPBarVendor'?>
    where ITEM_DESCRIPTION is the data to be encoded
    PDF417 is the name of the encoding method to be used
    XMLPBarVendor is the name of our encoder
    (b) Mark the formfield or text with the PDF417 font
    Save the template and deploy.

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