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Run-time ActiveX error 429; ActiveX component can't create object

activex component cannot create object

The issue applies to all IDAutomation products that include ActiveX or .NET COM DLLs such as Barcode ActiveX Controls and 2D Font Encoders such as the 2D QR-Code Font and Encoder.


This error may occur because the ActiveX or .NET COM DLL being accessed is not registered on the system.

  1. Install the Microsoft .NET Framework if it is not installed.
  2. Close all open applications and delete files in the %TEMP% folder. To easily access this folder, open the command prompt and type the following pressing Enter after each line:
    CD %TEMP%
    DEL *.* /S
  3. Obtain the latest version of the IDAutomation Barcode product being used.
  4. Reinstall the component package. This should automatically register the DLL.
  5. If problems continue, try the manual process below.

To register the DLL manually, perform the following:


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