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Barcode does not display in Crystal Reports ActiveX Viewer on the client PC.

Barcode Fonts display correctly on the development machine or server, but do not display in Crystal Reports ActiveX Viewer on the client PC.


This is a common issue for customers using the Crystal Reports ActiveX Viewer with barcode fonts or with the Crystal Barcode UFL. IDAutomation's understanding is that the Crystal Reports ActiveX Viewer has several problems properly displaying custom or symbol encoded fonts.

Some potential solutions are listed below:
  1. Make sure all patches and updates to Crystal Reports have been installed, especially for the ActiveX Viewer. Contact Crystal Decisions support to verify all updates have been installed properly.
  2. Try using another font type or try using one of the non-symbol encoded fonts. For fonts that are symbol encoded, IDAutomation also includes non-symbol encoded fonts in the distributed ZIP package.*
  3. Upgrade to the latest version of Crystal Reports and use the new feature to create PDF files to distribute to the client. When doing this, be sure to embed the fonts in the PDF.*
  4. If the above steps do not fix the problem and the customer's Priority Support and Upgrade Subscription is up to date, please contact IDAutomation with the order number and the exact name of the non-functioning font. In some cases, IDAutomation can recompile the font using different settings that the ActiveX Viewer favors.
  5. If the above steps do not fix the issue, it may be more convenient to use another program to display the barcodes on a Web browser such as those recommended in IDAutomation's Internet Barcoding FAQ.

* IDAutomation fonts that are dated July 2003, and later, have been created without symbol encoding and include the new OpenType fonts, which allow embedding in PDFs and fixed problems with the ActiveX Viewer.

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