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PostScript Fonts Cannot be Embedded

When trying to use the PostScript versions of IDAutomation Fonts with Adobe Acrobat, Acrobat will not allow the font to be embedded claiming “FSType license restrictions”. Similar errors may be received with other embedding utilities.


The solution is to add an FSType entry with a value of 8 (editable embedding) to the PostScript font.

Note: this process, and any editing or embedding of IDAutomation's fonts, is only legal with the purchase of a developer license for the applicable Barcode, MICR or OCR Font.

Open the PFA or PFB font file in a text editor such as Microsoft Wordpad. After the /Weight line, add /FSType 8 def on a separate line:

/FullName (IDAutomationHC39S) readonly def
/FamilyName (IDAutomationHC39S) readonly def
/ItalicAngle 0 def
/isFixedPitch true def
/UnderlinePosition -80 def
/UnderlineThickness 50 def
/Weight (Normal) readonly def
/FSType 8 def
end readonly def
/FontName /IDAutomationHC39S def
/Encoding 256 array

Save the file. If problems still occur, contact the vendor of the embedding utility for support.

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