Excel Font Encoder VBA App for Windows | Mac 

The Excel Font Encoder for Windows and Mac is an app that runs in Excel to encode data for Barcode Fonts. It is compatible with Excel 2011 and greater for Mac and Excel 2003 and greater for Windows. It will allow a user to generate barcode text that creates a correct barcode symbol when combined with a barcode font.

This app allows easy customization and functions very much like classic VB6 with some restrictions. It is included with any font package updated in 2020 or later and can be found within the integration/examples folder of the downloaded zip file.

Excel Font Encoder VBA App

Custom App Modifications

After opening the app, changes may be made by choosing Developer - Visual Basic. Within the VB editor, double-click on BarcodeUserForm1 to visually edit the form and right-click on BarcodeUserForm1 to edit the code.

Excel User Form Modification Example