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Level 2 Support and Upgrade Subscription

IDAutomation software products are updated as necessary with improvements to security and compatibility in addition to implementation of the latest barcode symbology changes. Level 1 support is provided free for all purchases and pre-sales support. Level 2 Support with Upgrade Subscription is available to provide the highest level of support combined with the latest version of the product. With any product purchase, Level 2 support is provided for one incident for up to 60 days from the purchase date.

Level 1 Support:

Level 2 Support with Upgrade Subscription: (a.k.a Priority Support and Upgrade Subscription)

"I am so impressed with the great support that you have provided. We chose IDAutomation for low cost of entry to buy barcode reading equipment. It has been a very pleasant surprise to also receive first class support! Thank you!" - Sandie Smith, Veridian Limited, Spencer, IA

To activate the one year Level 2 Support & Upgrade Subscription for a previously purchased product, please select it from the list below:

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Barcode and Security Fonts
IDA21 Aztec Font and Encoder for Windows discontinued
IDA22 Aztec Font and Encoder Advantage Package
IDA07 Codabar Font Advantage
IDA09 Code 11 Font Advantage
IDA10 Code 128 Font Advantage Package
IDA08 Code 25 Font Advantage
IDA06 Code 39 Font Advantage Package
IDA11 Code 93 Font Advantage
IDA15 Premiere Font Package formerly known as Complete
IDA30 Data Matrix Font and Encoder Advantage Package
IDA32 Data Matrix Font and Encoder for Windows
IDA133 GS1-128 Barcode Fonts
IDA16 GS1 DataBar Barcode Fonts
IDA134 GS1 Linear Barcode Font Suite
IDA12 Interleaved 2 of 5 Font Advantage Package
IDA42 Maxicode Font and Encoder for Windows discontinued
IDA33 Maxicode Font and Encoder Advantage Package
IDA02 MICR CMC7 Font Advantage
IDA01 MICR E13B Font Advantage
IDA13 MSI Plessey Font Advantage
IDA03 OCR Font Advantage
IDA24 PDF417 Font and Encoder Advantage Package
IDA23 PDF417 Font and Encoder for Windows
IDA04 POSTNET Font Advantage Package
IDA20 QR Code Font and Encoder Advantage Package
IDA19 QR Code Font and Encoder for Windows discontinued
IDA05 Royal Mail (4 State) Font Advantage
IDA72 Security Font Advantage
IDA44 TrueType Font Package for Windows
IDA75 Universal Barcode Font Advantage
IDA90 2D Universal Barcode Font & Encoder for Windows
IDA91 2D Universal Barcode Font & Encoder Advantage
IDA14 UPC/EAN Font Advantage Package
Barcode Generation Components
IDA31 ActiveX Linear Control
IDA39 ActiveX Linear + 2D Control
IDA27 ASP Linear Barcode Server Component
IDA46 ASP GS1 DataBar Barcode Server Component
IDA43 ASP Linear + 2D Barcode Server Component
IDA40 .NET Barcode Linear Forms Control
IDA62 .NET Linear + 2D Forms Control
IDA66 .NET MICR Forms Control
IDA69 .NET GS1 DataBar Forms Control
IDA88 .NET Barcode Recognition Decoder SDK
IDA61 ASP.NET Linear Web Component
IDA48 ASP.NET GS1 DataBar Web Component
IDA67 ASP.NET MICR Web Component
IDA63 ASP.NET Linear + 2D Barcode Web Component
IDA76 Linear Barcode Webservice discontinued
IDA78 GS1 DataBar (RSS) Composite Barcode Webservice discontinued
IDA77 2D Barcode Webservice discontinued
IDA25 Java Linear Barcode Package
IDA47 Java GS1 DataBar Barcode Package
IDA26 Java Linear + 2D Barcode Package
IDA80 Linear Barcode DLL for .NET Compact Framework
IDA81 Linear + 2D Barcode DLL for .NET Compact Framework
IDA92 ASP Linear Barcode Generator Script
IDA93 PHP Linear Barcode Generator Script
IDA51 Reporting Services Linear Barcode Custom Report Item (CRI)
IDA52 Reporting Services Linear + 2D Barcode Custom Report Item (CRI)
Native Barcode Generators
IDA94 ASPX Linear Barcode Generator Script
IDA131 ASPX Linear + 2D Barcode Generator Script
IDA130 ASPX Code 128 Barcode Generator Script
IDA132 ASPX Intelligent Mail IMb Barcode Generator Script
IDA128 ASPX Data Matrix 2D Barcode Generator Script
IDA129 ASPX PDF417 2D Barcode Generator Script
IDA127 ASPX QR-Code 2D Barcode Generator Script
IDA86 Crystal Reports Linear Native Barcode Generator
IDA87 Crystal Reports Linear + 2D Native Barcode Generator
IDA97 Crystal Reports Code-128 + GS1-128 Native Barcode Generator
IDA98 Crystal Reports Code-39 Native Barcode Generator
IDA99 USPS Intelligent Mail IMB Native Crystal Barcode Generator
IDA100 Crystal Reports PDF417 Native Barcode Generator
IDA101 Crystal Reports Data Matrix Native Barcode Generator
IDA102 Crystal Reports QR-Code Native Barcode Generator
IDA36 Microsoft Access Linear Native Barcode Generator
IDA37 Microsoft Access Linear + 2D Native Barcode Generator
IDA114 Code-128 & GS1-128 Native Access Barcode Generator
IDA115 Code 39 Native Access Barcode Generator
IDA116 USPS Intelligent Mail IMB Native Access Barcode Generator
IDA117 PDF417 Native Access Barcode Generator
IDA118 Data Matrix Native Access Barcode Generator
IDA119 QR-Code Native Access Barcode Generator
IDA120 Microsoft Excel Linear Native Barcode Generator
IDA121 Microsoft Excel Linear + 2D Native Barcode Generator
IDA122 Code-128 & GS1-128 Native Excel Barcode Generator
IDA123 Code 39 Native Excel Barcode Generator
IDA124 PDF417 Native Excel Barcode Generator
IDA125 Data Matrix Native Excel Barcode Generator
IDA126 QR-Code Native Excel Barcode Generator
IDA28 Linear AJAX JavaScript Barcode Generator
IDA29 Linear + 2D AJAX Native Barcode Generator
IDA109 Linear i-net Clear Reports Native Barcode Generator
IDA110 Linear + 2D i-net Clear Reports Native Barcode Generator
IDA111 Code 39 i-net Clear Reports Native Barcode Generator
IDA112 Code-128 & GS1-128 i-net Clear Reports Native Barcode Generator
IDA113 Data Matrix i-net Clear Reports Native Barcode Generator
IDA104 Native Linear Barcode Generator for OpenOffice
IDA105 Code-128 & GS1-128 Native OpenOffice Barcode Generator
IDA106 Native Linear + 2D Barcode Generator for OpenOffice
IDA107 Data Matrix Native OpenOffice Barcode Generator
IDA34 Native Linear Barcode Generator for Oracle Reports
IDA45 Native Linear Barcode Generator for FileMaker Pro
IDA108 Code-128 & GS1-128 Native FileMaker Barcode Generator
IDA35 Linear Google Docs Barcode Generator
Stand-Alone Barcode Generator Applications
IDA71 Barcode Label Software
IDA74 Barcode Label Pro Software
IDA64 Linear Image Generator
IDA70 GS1 DataBar Image Generator
IDA38 QR Code Image Generator
IDA65 Linear + 2D Image Generator
Hosted, Annual Subscription-Based Services
IDA82 Linear Dynamic Generator Service
IDA50 Dynamic Aztec Barcode Generator
IDA56 Dynamic PDF417 Barcode Generator
IDA18 Dynamic QR-Code Barcode Generator
IDA17 Dynamic GS1 DataBar Barcode Generator
IDA57 Dynamic Data Matrix Barcode Generator
IDA58 Dynamic Maxicode Barcode Generator
IDA83 Linear + 2D Dynamic Generator
IDA84 Linear Barcode Generator Web Service
IDA85 2D Barcode Generator Web Service

As a company designed to stay in business, these support charges are necessary to cover the costs of future development, support and testing. Support services are available for IDAutomation products only. IDAutomation does not provide consulting services or troubleshoot custom source code. For more information on support limitations, refer to the IDAutomation statement of support.

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