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FileMaker Pro Barcode Tutorial

The FileMaker Pro Barcode Tutorial
This tutorial uses the free version of the Dynamic Barcode Generator Service, which includes a watermark below the generated symbol. After purchase, a unique web address will be provided that excludes the watermark.
Order the Dynamic Barcode Generator SaaS
describes how to implement cross-platform barcode generation in FileMaker forms and reports without installing fonts, plug-ins or components. This tutorial uses the Dynamic Barcode Generator Service, which supports all popular Linear 1D and 2D barcode types including Code-128, GS1-128, Code-39, PDF417, Data Matrix, QR-Code and more. This tutorial describes just one of several methods of creating barcodes in FileMaker.

  1. Download the example database to help understand this tutorial.
  2. Purchase a subscription for the Dynamic Barcode Generator Service or use the fully-functional demo.
  3. In Layout Mode, open the FileMaker form or report where the barcode is needed.
  4. Choose Insert - Web Viewer.
    Insert The Web Viewer Into a FileMaker Report For Barcode Generation.
  5. In the Web Viewer setup screen, deselect the Allow Interaction checkmark at the bottom.
    Deselect Allow Interaction CheckMark
  6. Delete all text in the Web Address field and choose the Specify button.
    Remove the default web address information
  7. Add in the web address of the Dynamic Barcode Generator Service, surrounded by double quotes and ending with an ampersand character. When using the free linear version, the address to use is:
  8. Place the cursor after the ampersand character and select the field to encode in the barcode and choose OK twice to exit the web viewer setup.
    Insert The Barcode Field From The Database
  9. Size the web viewer so that it is large enough to contain the entire barcode, with an appropriate amount of white space surrounding the symbol.
  10. Choose Browse Mode and view the report or form to verify that the barcode appears correctly. The barcodes may take some time to appear when creating large reports because they are generated independently via the internet.
  11. Print and scan the barcode to verify that the correct data is encoded. If a scanner is needed to verify barcodes, consider the IDAutomation USB Barcode Scanner.
    Verify That The Correct Data Field is Encoded Properly

2D Barcode FileMaker Implementation

In the free version of the Dynamic Barcode Generator Service a watermark will appear below the generated symbol.  Therefore, if symbol size is being evaluated, only the purchased version should be used. The watermark does not appear in the purchased version. 2D barcodes may be created by entering the web addresses below into the Web Viewer as described in the tutorial:

For example, a DataMatrix barcode is easily created in FileMaker using the web address:
""& EmployeeIDBadge::Employee Number
DataMatrix Employee Badge
NOTE: If SSL encryption is desired, change "http" to "https".

Combine Multiple Fields Into a Barcode

Using the IDAutomation Dynamic Barcode Generator Service, multiple fields may be easily combined, appended or delimited within a single barcode symbol by using the ApplyTilde feature. The following example encodes (Employee ID, the tab function, First Name, the return function, Last Name and the text of FileMaker DataMatrix Barcode) into a DataMatrix symbol.

""& EmployeeIDBadge::Employee Number & "~d009" & EmployeeIDBadge::First Name & "~d013" & EmployeeIDBadge::Last Name & " FileMaker DataMatrix Barcode"
Multiple Fields Can Be Combined Into a Single Barcode

* Versions prior to 2009 used "Barcode=" in place of "D=" when entering Data To Encode.

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