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IDAutomation 2D USB Barcode Scanner

  • Hand Held IDAutomation USB 2D Barcode ImagerOmni-directional reading of 1D, OCR, 2D and Postal barcodes.
  • Print Quality Assessment feature grades 2D and USPS symbols only.
    This option is not available for linear barcodes.
  • Comfortable, Lightweight hand-held design for easy, extended use.
  • Save time by Reading barcodes from flat screen monitors.
  • Read QR Codes off a mobile phone screen.
  • Compatible with Windows, including Windows 10, Mac and Linux.
  • Outperforms similar scanners in quality, range, performance and price.
  • No powering down with Plug n' Play one-step installation.
  • Power is supplied by the USB connection.
  • Program and customize scanner settings by scanning barcodes directly from the Online User Manual or with the Easy Programming Guides.
  • Integrated Keyboard Emulation Decoder sends scanned data to the PC as if typed in from the keyboard.
Order the IDAutomation 2D USB Barcode Scanner with PQA IDAutomation 2D USB Barcode Scanner with PQA - $299 Complete Scanner With 6.5' USB Cable, Free Software and Online User Manual. Mfg# SC7-USB-2D
Order the stand for the IDAutomation 2D USB Barcode Scanner IDAutomation SC7USB-2D Scanner Hands Free Stand in Black - $25
Order the 4-year Extended Warranty with Support for the IDAutomation 2D USB Barcode Scanner 4 Year Extended Warranty with Priority Support - $29
Extends Manufacturer's Warranty To 4 Years From Purchase Date; must be purchased at the time of scanner purchase. Mfg# IDA-SC5EXT
This scanner can be shipped internationally, except China; No PO boxes please. There will be additional import duties that UPS will require customers to pay at the time of delivery if shipping outside of the United States.

With each purchase of this scanner, a license is provided for the use of IDAutomation's Free Barcode Font, Free Barcode Label Design Application and the Barcode Scanner ASCII String Decoder. The software may be downloaded once the purchase is completed.

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Home > Barcode Scanners > 2D Imagers > 2D Barcode Scanner with PQA
IDAutomation 2D USB Barcode Scanner Features:
  • Scanner Stand for IDAutomation 2D USB Barcode ScannerExcellent Performance: This 2D Barcode Imager outperforms similar models in quality, range, performance and price.
  • Quality Verification: PQA (Print Quality Assessment) is pre-installed in the scanner to verify the print quality and proper encoding of 2D and USPS barcodes.
  • Long Range Scanning and Focus: Average size barcodes are easily decoded when pulling the trigger anywhere from 3" to 10" away, while many low cost 2D barcode readers require pulling the trigger at precise, specific distances from the barcode for a successful read.
  • Ergonomically Designed: Comfortable, lightweight and designed to fit easily in the hand for extended use.
  • GS1-128 (UCC/EAN-128) Decoding: This 2D Barcode Scanner decodes the FNC1 codes in GS1-128 (UCC/EAN-128) barcodes according to the Application Identifier Standard.
  • Automatic Decoding: The SC7-USB will decode the FNC1's, such as ]D2 and ]C1, by simply enabling certain settings.
  • Decodes Lower ASCII Characters: Compatible with the IDAutomation Barcode Scanner ASCII String Decoder when Control+ASCII Mode is enabled.
IDAutomation 2D Barcode Scanner Specifications:
  • Supported Symbologies:
    • 2D: PDF417, MicroPDF417, MaxiCode, Data Matrix, QR-Code, Aztec, Aztec Mesas, GS1-DataMatrix, Code 49, and EAN/UCC Composite.
    • Postal: Intelligent Mail, Postnet, Planet, British Post, Canadian Post, Japanese Post and KIX (Netherlands) Post.
    • 1D (Linear): Code 128, GS1-128, ISBT-128, Code 39, Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 93, Codabar, UPC, EAN, GS1 DataBar (RSS) and Codablock F.
    • Optical Character Recognition: MICR E-13B, OCR-A & OCR-B
  • Weight: 5 ounces (146 g)
  • Power: Via USB; 30 mA (in low power mode) to 300 mA Max
  • Mechanical Shock: 24 drops from 5 feet (1.5 m) to concrete.
  • Vibration: Withstands 5G peak from 22 to 300 Hz.
  • Agency Listings: EMI: FCC, CE, BSMI; Safety: UL, BSMI & CB.
  • MTBF: 70,000 hours.
  • Humidity and Operating Temp: 0 to 95%, non-condensing; 0 - 50 degrees Celsius (32 - 122 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • More specs and operating instructions are available in the Online User Manual.
Programming the IDAutomation USB 2D Barcode Scanner:

By default, the IDAutomation 2D Barcode Scanner is programmed to enable the most popular features available, and can scan the most popular barcode types such as Data Matrix, PDF417, Intelligent Mail, QR Code and other Postal barcode types. To modify the operation of the scanner, scan the appropriate programming barcode from the Online User Manual directly from the screen, eliminating the need to print the manual. Easy Programming Guides

To integrate the IDAutomation USB 2D Barcode Scanner with a software application, refer to IDAutomation's How To Scan Data Into Applications tutorial.

Encoded Data Verification for lower ASCII Values:

When the IDAutomation 2D USB Barcode Scanner is used to verify or transmit lower ASCII control characters and functions, such as what is documented in the MaxiCode Barcode FAQ, the Control+ASCII Mode must be enabled by scanning the barcode below. Lower ASCII values may be viewed with IDAutomation's free Barcode Scanner ASCII String Decoder.

Enable Control+ASCII Mode For The IDAutomation 2D Barcode Imager

Support and Related Information:
Home > Barcode Scanners > 2D Imagers > 2D Barcode Scanner with PQA
About The 2D PQA (Print Quality Assessment):

A unique feature of this scanner is the 2D PQA (Print Quality Assessment) Tool, which verifies and grades several attributes of a barcode symbol. When enabled, PQA works on all 2D barcode types including Data Matrix, PDF417, MaxiCode, Aztec and QR-Code in addition to USPS Intelligent Mail. The PQA report is transmitted as a second beep after the barcode data. Using the PQA Capture Add-In for Excel will allow users to collect the data in a spread-sheet for further analysis if needed. Enable or disable the PQA feature by scanning the barcodes below directly from the screen.
Video Tutorial: Enable Print Quality Assessment [PQA] in SC7

Enable Print Quality Assessment Feature for the IDAutomation 2D Barcode Imager

When verifying barcode symbols with PQA, be sure to position the scanner directly over the barcode at an appropriate distance, such as 5 inches as other angles or distances may incorrectly lower the grade in terms of height, width and gaps.

Disable Print Quality Assessment Feature for the IDAutomation 2D Barcode Imager

Enable Print Quality Assessment [PQA] in SC7

View Video Full Screen on YouTube

After enabling this feature and scanning some slightly defective barcodes, the IDAutomation Lab received the results below, which may be viewed by scanning the barcode with IDAutomation's Free Barcode Scanner ASCII String Decoder or by placing the cursor in a text editor such as Notepad or Word.

Data Matrix Example:

>> PQA <<
DATA MATRIX ECC200: 20 x 20 modules in size
Data Field: 22 data & 18 chks in 1 block(s) of GF(256)
 X roughly = 0.034"
[C] < Fixed Patterns: 2 module errors
[A] < Data Safety Margin = 100%
[A] < Horizontal Print Growth = +5% of X
[A] < Vertical Print Growth = -7% of X

QR-Code Example:

>> PQA <<
QR CODE: MODEL 2 VERSION 6 (41 x 41 modules)
Mask Pattern Reference #3, Error Correction Level "L"
Data Field: 136 data & 36 checks in 2 block(s) of GF(256)
 X roughly = 0.023"
[C] < Data Safety Margin = 46%
[A] < Horizontal Print Growth = +3% of X
[A] < Vertical Print Growth = +3% of X

USPS IMb (Intelligent Mail) Example:

>> PQA <<
10,301,107081,000000000,33609106255 >> PQA <<
INTELLIGENT MAIL BARCODE(USPS): 65 Bars, nominally from 02.66 to 03.20 in. in Width
[C] (Lo) < "Tall" Bar Extensions: 0.062 in. from center
[B] (Lo) < "Short" Bar Extensions: 0.021 in. from center
[B] (Lo) < Bar Widths = 0.015 in.
[A] (Ok) < Inter-Bar Gaps = 0.030 in.

PDF417 Example:

>> PQA <<
PDF417: 10 rows x 3 cols, 22 data & 8 chks (ECL = 2)
 X roughly = 0.009"
[A] < Row Height = 3.1 X
[A] < Useful Row Height = 2.4 X (76% Row)
[A] < Data Safety Margin = 100% (0 Erasures & 0 Errors)
[A] < Edge Accuracy = 72%
[A] < Print Growth = +1% of X


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