Free Barcode Scanner Decoder Apps

IDAutomation offers two free scanner decoder apps. Both of these free applications can scan barcodes in order to verify encoded information and decode them, thereby revealing any concealed ASCII control characters.

Product Summary
Barcode Scanner ASCII String Decoder
Free (for small organizations and personal use)

Barcode Scanner ASCII String DecoderThis software tool is capable of uncovering concealed non-printable ASCII characters and commands originating from keyboard emulation devices, such as USB Barcode Scanners.

It proves to be a valuable asset when verifying commands such as FS, RS, GS, and EOT that are encoded within barcodes, as these commands are typically not disclosed upon scanning the barcode.

This app runs on both Windows and Mac.

Barcode Data Decoder Verifier App & SDK

Barcode Data Decoder Verifier App & SDKThis mobile app has multiple functions. Firstly, it scans barcodes to verify encoded data and decodes the information, revealing hidden ASCII control characters and GS1 FNC1 AI codes. It also allows users to access information about the encoding of the symbol and identify common 1D & 2D barcode types.

Moreover, it is capable of parsing encoded GS1 data and separating each application identifier and element string. In addition, it can reveal ASCII functions that cannot be viewed on screen, including the FS, RS, GS, CR, HT, LF, and EOT functions.

Additionally, the application provides recommendations on how to generate the scanned symbol, and is capable of decoding UTF-8 in QR codes.