GS1 Digital Link Example Landing Page (Sunrise 2027)

You have successfully opened a GS1 Digital Link URL, a barcoding method recommended in the Gs1 Sunrise 2027 Initiative. If this were an actual product landing page, information on this page could include user manuals, support information, and other data. 

This GS1 Digital Link URL includes the following data:

  • Website)
  • 00790045019623 (The GTIN, also known as the UPC code)
  • 12345678 (A Serial Number)

Many other types of information can also be encoded in a Digital Link. With the GS1 Digital Link standard, GS1 identifiers like the GTIN become more powerful and flexible by integrating them with the web. This means that GS1 identifiers can now be a gateway to consumer information that strengthens customer loyalty, improves supply chain transparency, provides access to business partner APIs, and delivers patient safety information. Unlike a typical URL that only directs you to a single website, GS1 Digital Link allows connections to many varieties of information. All IDAutomation QR Code and Data Matrix products support encoding of the GS1 Digital Link.