Download Streaming Barcode Server for IIS

The Streaming Barcode Server for IIS is a server-side component used to generate barcodes for applications and development environments that display dynamic URLs.

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The demo version of this product includes a watermark. If the demo is installed, it must be uninstalled before using the purchased version. The purchased version excludes the watermark, is fully-functional and does not require license keys for activation. DotCode is not provided in the demo version.

Linear Version

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GS1 DataBar

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2D Version

In two-dimensional symbols, the demo watermark may or may not appear. In many cases, however, the text "DEMO" with a CR and LF function will be encoded in the barcode. Therefore, if symbol size is being evaluated, the purchased version should be used.

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Hosted Version

The Free Online Dynamic Barcode Generator is a hosted version of the ASP Barcode Server Component for IIS. This free generator may be used to test and evaluate implementation without installation.

Online Demo

If assistance is needed, please contact IDAutomation.