Java QR Code Barcode Generator

  • Each package contains all Java components necessary to generate
    GS1 QR Code barcode images:
  • 2D QR Code barcode image in a Java environment.
    • Applets for easy QR Code barcode integration on webpages.
    • JavaBean support for easy QR Code barcode development, integration, and customization.
    • Servlets for server-side QR Code barcode image generation.
    • Class libraries for integrating QR Codes into Java applications.
  • Includes built-in methods to enable easy encoding of industry-specific implementations: (Version 2022 and later)
  • Supported on any operating system with a Java Virtual Machine and integrates with many environments including Oracle, Cognos, and more.
  • Source code provided for all applets, graphic encoders, and servlets.

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