Java QR-Code 2D Barcode Generator

  • Each package contains all Java components necessary to generate QR Code barcode images:
  • 2D QR Code barcode image in a Java environment.
    • Applets for easy QR Code barcode integration on webpages.
    • JavaBean support for easy QR Code barcode development, integration, and customization.
    • Servlets for server-side QR Code barcode image generation.
    • Class libraries for integrating QR Codes into Java applications.
  • Includes built-in methods to enable easy encoding of industry-specific implementations: (Version 2024 and later)
    • Auto Encoding Mode to generate smaller symbols, such as the ability to encode 34 alphanumeric characters in a 25x25 version 2 symbol with error correction level Q.
    • ECI Encoding for Unicode character sets supported by Java. 
    • GS1 QR Code is enabled when the symbol starts with ~1.
    • The Swiss QR Bill is easily generated with ~CO using Center Override.
    • TLV and Base64 may be easily calculated and encoded.
    • Unicode characters up to three bytes are automatically encoded in UTF-8.
  • Supported on any operating system with a Java Virtual Machine and integrates with many environments including Oracle, Cognos, and more.
  • Source code provided for all applets, graphic encoders, and servlets.

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The following example of Java source code demonstrates how easy it is to generate a QR Code image file:

import com.idautomation.qrcode.*;
import com.idautomation.qrcode.encoder.*;
class CreateImageExample {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        QRCode qr=new QRCode(); qr.setDataToEncode("Java Barcode Generator Provided by") qr.setXDimensionCM(3); barCodeEncoder qrcode = new barCodeEncoder(qr, "GIF", "qr-image-example.gif");

Additional examples are provided in the package download.

QR Code Auto Encoding Mode Example

The following symbol is a QR Code generated from the Java package that encodes 34 alphanumeric characters in a 25x25 version 2 symbol with a high error correction level Q. This type of symbol is used by many auto manufacturers including Tesla. To obtain the 25x25 size, auto mode must be used.

This symbol is 25x25 in size encoded in Auto mode with ECL=Q

The following is the same data encoded in Alphanumeric mode; this symbol is 29x29:

This symbol is 29x29 in size encoded in Alpha mode

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