Claris FileMaker Data Matrix Barcode Generator

    Data Matrix barcode in a FileMaker environment.
  • Generate 2D Data Matrix and GS1-DataMatrix barcodes in environments for FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go, versions 12 & up, 32 & 64-bit systems on Windows, Mac, iOS, and any version that supports the web viewer object.
  • Supports ECC200 and other standards and specifications based on the Data Matrix barcode symbology.
  • Includes built-in functionality for UTF8 Unicode character encoding and an efficient auto-encoding algorithm.
  • Easy function encoding with the ApplyTilde feature allows encoding the FNC1 in GS1-Data Matrix, including functions such as returns, tabs, and more.

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This advanced Data Matrix generator contains several unique features:

  • The object stays embedded in the database without any other dependencies
  • Automatically encodes all Unicode characters with UTF-8
  • Encodes all GS1 AIs including those used in the medical industry with the ~1 option
  • Dynamic calculation of MOD10 where required for GS1 symbols with the ~m option
  • Source code is provided with all developer Licenses