Download MaxiCode Fonts and Encoders

MaxiCode is an area-efficient (2D) barcode that can encode large amounts of data. It is primarily used on shipping labels by UPS to encode the destination address, tracking number, and reference information.

NOTE: The demo version of this product contains only a static barcode that may be used for evaluation purposes only. It is designed to test the font at various point sizes in your environment to determine compatibility. The static barcode cannot be changed because this would reveal the complete formula, which is only available in the purchased version. The purchased version is provided with a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. If it is necessary to test dynamic barcodes with this product, the purchased version is required.

A few of the examples provided will encode dynamic information with limited functionality; these include:

  • Access Example
  • ActiveX COM DLLs
  • Crystal Reports UFL (32-bit Legacy Version Only)
  • Excel Font Encoder App (Windows Only)
  • Java Encoder

Demo Now

The licensed version is fully-functional and does not require license keys or activation. The evaluation version should be uninstalled before installing the purchased version.

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