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Embedded OpenType (EOT) Web Fonts

Embedded OpenType (EOT) fonts may be embedded within HTML webpages for display on compatible web browsers. EOT fonts allow webmasters to create web-based applications that include barcode, MICR and OCR typefaces without the need to install the fonts on the destination machine. Implementation requires that certain compatible browsers are used. EOT fonts usually only appear properly Internet Explorer. Because of this limitation, IDAutomation recommends using WOFF web fonts instead of EOT fonts alone. The Web Font Testing page may be used to test WOFF, EOT and SVG font compatibility with multiple browsers. IDAutomation also provides a declaration script that includes multiple web fonts with a single reference to the font.

How do EOT fonts work?

The embedded OpenType font is downloaded by the Web browser and discarded after the user leaves the web page, so the font cannot be used for anything else. Properly licensed with a Developer License, IDAutomation fonts may be used in HTML web pages and applications according to section 6 of the IDAutomation Software License Agreement.

Microsoft provides the Microsoft Web Embedding Fonts Tool (WEFT), which is a free tool that allows site designers create embeddable OpenType fonts from TrueType fonts that are linked to their web pages. To understand more information about this technology, please visit Microsoft's guide to implementing fonts on web pages. Support for customer generated EOT font files is provided by Microsoft's WEFT Troubleshooting Document and the WEFT users Web community.

The following is an EOT typeface embedded with the IDAutomation MICR font. On compatible browsers, the text of "A12346789B" should appear below in the MICR typeface:

To investigate other methods of generating barcodes on the web, visit the Internet & Web Page Barcode Implementation FAQ.

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