PQA WindowPQA Capture Add-In for IDA and Honeywell Scanners
For Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010, and 2013

  • Easily capture Print Quality Assessment (PQA) data from the IDAutomation 2D Scanner or appropriate Honeywell Scanner directly into a Microsoft® Excel® 2007, 2010, or 2013 spreadsheet. (Windows® only)
  • Data can be used directly in Excel or the Excel spreadsheet can be imported into another program to perform further data analysis. (not performed by Add-In)
  • Since the 2D scanner possesses its own buffer, the user is not limited to any time restriction while scanning. Neither is the user restricted to staying at their computer; they are free to simply follow the double-beep of the scanner to indicate a successful scan and can scan their next 2D barcode.
  • Macintosh Users: The add-in is not available for Mac.

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Before Installing the PQA Capture Add-In

Excel 2007 and 2010: No setup is required before installation.

Excel 2013: This add-in will not be visible unless the following steps are completed.

  • In Excel 2013 go to File > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > File Block Settings > Enable 'Open & Save' for "Excel 2007 and later Add-in Files":
    2007 Trust Center Open and Save
  • Scroll down and check 'Open' for "Excel Add-in Files":
    Open Excel Addin Files

Installing the PQA Capture Add-In

Excel 2007, 2010, and 2013 Users:

  1. Close any versions of Excel that are open
  2. Download and extract the IDAutomation_BarcodePQAExcelAddIn.zip file
  3. Navigate to where the above file was extracted
  4. Run IDAutomation_BarcodePQAExcelAddIn.exe -

    There may be Additional Components to install during setup (choose accept/ok/yes through similar items):

    Microsoft Additional ComponentsDownload bar screen

    After the components are installed, there will be a screen asking to install the "customization", which will be the Excel Add-In - select Install:

    Publisher cannot be verified popup

    If a certificate error screen is encountered, simply close and rerun IDAutomation_BarcodePQAExcelAddIn.exe:

    Certificate Trust Error
  5. Complete install:
    Sucessful Installation Confirmation
  6. This will enable the Add-In toolbar within Excel:
    Addin Toolbar

PQA Capture Add-In Tutorial

This tutorial will demonstrate how to capture Print Quality Assessment (PQA) data from the IDAutomation 2D Barcode Scanner directly into a Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010, or 2013 worksheet.

  1. Enable PQA (PQA can be enabled/disabled from Add-In or the User Manual)

    Enable Print Quality Assessment Feature for the IDAutomation 2D Barcode Imager

    Tip: When verifying barcode symbols with PQA, be sure to position the scanner directly over the barcode at an appropriate distance, such as 5 inches, as other angles or distances may incorrectly lower the grade in terms of height, width, and gaps.

    IDAutomation 2D Barcode Scanner

  2. Select the cell to start capturing the PQA data:
    Select cell 
  3. Press 'PQA Capture' on Excel's toolbar to have the Add-In window pop up:
    Open PQA Addin Window
    • The 'Current Cell' is indicated on the top right to verify the cell's current position. To re-position, close the window, choose another cell, and restart Add-In.
    • Edit > Reset: Allows to reset data (including Enable PQA barcode)
    • Help > Online Tutorial: Brings up the information page.
    • Help > About: Gives development information and brings up IDAutomation's homepage when the logo is clicked.

    Note: Since the 2D scanner possesses its own buffer, the user is not limited to any time restriction while scanning or restriction to staying at the computer. Simply follow the double-beep of the scanner to indicate a successful scan and that the next 2D barcode is ready to be scanned.

    IMPORTANT: While scanning data, make sure not to click on another program or the scanner will feed any remaining data into that other program.

  4. Start scanning the barcode data into the large text box. The user will see the PQA data being fed into the window while scanning. When the data has been read from the barcode, the Disable PQA barcode will then appear.
    Scanned PQA Data Window
    Although the Disable PQA barcode shows after the first line of data is processed, it is there only as a convenience. Disable PQA only when completely done and want to resume regular scanning.
  5. After the data is fed to the worksheet, the text box is cleared and the next cell down (in the same row) is chosen: PQA Data Transmitted to Excel
  6. When scanning is complete, close the window.

Disable 2D PQA

To go back to regular scanning, do not forget to disable PQA!

IDAutomation 2D Scanner

PQA Capture Add-In Technical Support

Common Issues
  • The Data in Excel Looks 'Truncated'
    This is actually how Excel is designed to function. Look at the data closer (cell by cell) and the user will see that each cell is filled (from left to right) with the correct barcode data, PQA starter information (">> PQA from Hand Held Products <<"), and each remaining cell contains a line of the corresponding PQA data (as-is, including spaces encoded in the 2D barcode).

To reformat cell spacing for selected cells (with the Add-In window closed) - Go to Home Tab > Format > AutoFit Column Width:

Format Cell
  • In the first cell, there are <CR>, <TAB> or <VT> entries in the data
    These entries indicate decoded, non-printable, codes:
    • <CR> = Carriage Return, AKA 'Enter Key' on a keyboard
    • <TAB> = Tab, AKA 'Tab Key' on a keyboard
    • <VT> = Vertical Tab, AKA 'Ctrl + K' on a keyboard

Normally, programs respond to these keys as commands. Their entries have been included in the data to give an accurate representation of the barcode.

To remove the above entries in the spreadsheet (with the Add-In window closed), select the cell(s) wanted to work in, press Ctrl + H, and indicate what to 'Find and Replace':

Find Replace Carriage Return

Product or Add-In support may be available by reviewing public forum threads. After the purchase of an IDAutomation SC7-USB-2D Scanner, Priority phone, email, and forum support are provided for up to 30 days. Additional priority phone, forum, and email support may be obtained with an active Per Incident Support.