Level 2 Priority Support with Upgrade Subscription

IDAutomation software products are updated as necessary with improvements to security and compatibility in addition to the implementation of the latest barcode symbology changes. Level 1 support is provided free for all purchases and pre-sales support. Level 2 Priority Support with Upgrade Subscription is available to provide the highest level of support combined with the latest version of the product. With any product purchase, Level 2 Priority Support is provided for one incident for up to 30 days from the purchase date.

"I am so impressed with the great support that you have provided. We chose IDAutomation for low cost of entry to buy barcode reading equipment. It has been a very pleasant surprise to also receive first-class support! Thank you!"
- Sandie Smith, Veridian Limited, Spencer, IA

Level 2 Priority Support & Upgrade Subscription: 

  • An approximate 1 hour response time during working hours for incident submission at support.idautomation.com.
  • Weekend and holiday support when the office is closed with an approximate 12-hour response time.
  • Receive priority assistance over customers without Level 2 Support.
  • Obtain the latest security updates and download the latest version of the product.
  • Level 2 Priority Support also includes:
    • Issues that require the viewing or modification of programming code.
    • Advanced issues documented at support.idautomation.com.
    • Issues that have not been documented at support.idautomation.com.
    • Complex interoperability issues.
    • Any escalated Level 1 issue not resolved within 20 minutes of support time.
    • Your incident handled by a software developer.
  • Advanced Support methods include:
    • Access to documented issues and priority incident submission at support.idautomation.com
    • Priority support via online chat when available.
    • Priority email support.
    • Phone support; appointment set for a call back the same business day.

As a company designed to stay in business, these support charges are necessary to cover the costs of continued development, security hardening, support, and testing. Support services are available for IDAutomation products only. IDAutomation does not provide consulting services or troubleshoot custom source code. For more information on support limitations, refer to the IDAutomation statement of support

Level 1 (Free & Basic) Support:

  • An approximate 6-hour response time during working hours.
  • Level 1 support includes:
    • Product installation assistance.
    • Basic compatibility issues.
    • Basic issues documented at support.idautomation.com.
  • Basic Support methods include:
    • Access to documented issues and incident submission at support.idautomation.com.
    • Support via online chat when available for known issues.
    • Email support for known issues.