About Software Piracy:

If you suspect any IDAutomation products are being used in violation of license agreements or copyright laws, please report it for further investigation. IDAutomation has, and will, take legal action against all counterfeiters. You will be rewarded if damages are collected and you can remain anonymous.

Known Barcode Counterfeits

To date, IDAutomation has found several companies or products that violate IDAutomation's copyrights. If you or your company uses any of the products listed below, IDAutomation urges you to properly license these products through IDAutomation. IDAutomation provides a discount in most cases for this type of licensing. Known counterfeiters of IDAutomation products include:

  • 32tech . com, barcode fonts
  • BarcodeONE . com, barcode fonts
  • Brainstorm, specifically brainstorm.ttf
  • BusinessRefinery . com, Java related barcode generation programs
  • Grandzebu . net and the OpenBarcode project, specifically the code128 fonts
  • Other companies and products would also be on this list, however, prior settlements and agreements prevent IDAutomation from making these public.
How to Identify a Counterfeit
  • If a company distributes IDAutomation products with their own application and they do not have a statement somewhere in the Start-Up screen, Help, About menu's or in the manual that specifies IDAutomation as the provider of the component that is bundled with the application.
  • If a company sells IDAutomation products directly without going through the IDAutomation online store.
  • If several similarities are found between IDAutomation products and another, such as similar function names and syntax.
How to Tell if you are Dealing with a Reputable Company
  • Check the US Copyright Office and the Trademark Office to search for the company name and their products. Reputable companies will register their trademarks and copyrights. Be suspicious if a company does not protect its own intellectual property.
  • Check the company's contact information and phone number. Beware of any company that does not list their address and phone number on their website. Perform a whois search on their domain name and verify the address. Use maps.google.com or mapquest.com to obtain a satellite image of the address. One company we researched appeared large on the Internet; however, the satellite image revealed they were operating out of a mobile home.
  • Check to make sure the company has registered their company name as a trademark. Additionally, if the company uses the registered mark ┬« and does not have a record on file with the Trademark Office, you should not purchase products from them. Use of the registered mark ┬« without an approved registration on file is illegal.
  • Make sure the company is a member of an organization that represents consumers such as the Better Business Bureau and make sure this can be verified. IDAutomation.com is a member of the Better Business Bureau, which can be verified by clicking on the BBB Online logo in the top right side of the screen. When you verify this by clicking on the logo, make sure the information that follows is really from the consumer organization by looking at the URL address.
  • In the shopping cart of the company, check the SSL certificate's "Issued to:" and "Issued by:" fields. Verify it is valid and issued from a trusted source.