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QuickBooks Barcode Generation Tutorial

Add Self-Checking Barcodes to QuickBooks Printed Forms

This QuickBooks barcode tutorial is designed to help users integrate barcode generation functionality into existing QuickBooks reports for direct printing. These examples use Code 39 Barcode Fonts, which support numbers and upper-case letters to add a barcode to an existing QuickBooks invoice form. If the need is to encode numbers only in the barcode, the Codabar Font should be used.

  1. This tutorial was created for QuickBooks 2003 and is also compatible with later versions.
  2. Download and install the Code 39 Barcode Font for encoding of numbers and/or upper-case letters or the Codabar Barcode Font for numbers only.
  3. After installation, restart the application so Quickbooks can reload with the new fonts.
  4. Choose Lists - Templates from the menu.
    Select Templates from the Lists Drop Down Menu
  5. Highlight the appropriate template and choose Templates - Duplicate.
    Highlight the Appropriate Template and Select Templates - Duplicate.
  6. Highlight the new template and choose Edit - Edit Template.
  7. Change the name of the template. In this case Barcoded Invoice is used.
    The Barcode Font is Added in the Layout Designer
  8. Choose the Layout Designer button located on the right side of the screen.
  9. Rearrange the fields in the layout designer so that the Invoice # or other field has enough height and width to display the barcode.
    Note: The field that contains the data is labeled Sample and this is will contain the barcode.
    In this case, the Date and Invoice fields have been placed to the left and then the Invoice # field is stretched to the right and downward, making it wider and taller.
    The Field Represented as "Sample" Will Contain the Barcode Font.
  10. In the QuickBooks layout designer, double-click on the Invoice # field and choose the IDAutomationHC39S font and change the point size of the font to 12.
    Select the Code 39 Barcode Font in QuickBooks.
  11. Select OK at each screen until the new template is saved.
  12. Choose Customers - Create Invoices and change the template to the new "Barcoded Invoice" that was just created.
    Select the Barcoded Invoice.
  13. In the invoice number field, add an asterisk (*) to the beginning and ending of the existing number. After this, any new invoices created will contain the asterisks at the beginning and end. This is required as a start and stop character for the Code 39 or Codabar barcode fonts to create an accurate barcode.
  14. The newly created QuickBooks form may not look the same on the screen because it is intended for printing. When printed, the barcodes should print in the newly created form.
Scanning barcodes in QuickBooks improves lookup time and reduces data entry errors. Using a  USB barcode scanner with a built-in decoder is best because of the ease of use. All of the scanning products available at IDAutomation have built-in decoders that can read several different barcode types. IDAutomation highly recommends the IDAutomation USB Barcode Scanner for it's affordable price and high performance.

Below is an example of how using barcodes improves lookup time and reduces data entry errors in receiving an invoice with the payment from a customer.

  1. Program the scanner to either include or append start and stop characters in the data returned from the barcode for lookup, since this is now part of the invoice number. The barcode scanner may be programmed to include a return function after the barcode is scanned which will usually invoke the Find or Search buttons.
  2. In QuickBooks, select Edit - Simple Find.
  3. Position the cursor in the Invoice # field and scan the barcode. The data from the barcode is sent into the field via keyboard emulation technology and the return function chooses the Find button accordingly.
    Using Barcodes Improves Lookup Time and Reduces Data Entry Errors in QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Barcoding Problems and Solutions

Problems related to QuickBooks software must be directed to Intuit technical support. The information below is listed for convenience purposes only. However, if the barcode font is having problems (ex: if it does not appear in the font list.) please follow IDAutomation's barcode font troubleshooting procedures.

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