Barcode Scanners and Integration

Refer to the Barcode Integration Guide about integrating barcode scanning into custom software and apps. IDAutomation offers the Barcode Decoder App & SDK in place hardware scanners which may be used in Xamarin apps.

Scanners Available:

The SC5USB Barcode Scanner with DataBar is a high-quality CCD reader that offers laser scanner performance for an economical price. This new model scans linear barcodes, as well as all GS1 DataBar
The Xenon 1900G-SR 2D USB Barcode Scanner* is a standard range barcode scanner that reads linear, 2D, DataBar and Postal barcode types with superior scanning performance across a wide range of industries and processes.
SC7 2D Barcode Scanner Stands are still available, however, the scanners are discontinued because the decoding chips are no longer available.

IDAutomation offers the Barcode Data Decoder Verifier App & SDK in place of hardware scanners. 

Discontinued Products: (discontinued because the decoding chips are no longer available)

SC1500-USB Barcode Scanner

SC5USB-WB Wireless Barcode Scanner

SC7-USB-2D Barcode Scanner

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* This product is not available directly from IDAutomation, and may be purchased via the Amazon Affiliate Program. It is recommended by IDAutomation as a result of our many years of experience in the barcode generation software and scanning field.