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Barcode Affiliate Program

IDAutomation offers a 20% commission for all IDAutomation barcode software products sold through its affiliate program.

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NOTE: The affiliate program requires an ongoing commitment to selling IDAutomation products and are not eligible for one-time purchases. This barcode affiliate program may not be used to purchase products for the affiliate's own company, a sister organization or any subsidiary.

IDAutomation Affiliate Program Information

The IDAutomation Barcode Affiliate Program provides a method of reselling IDAutomation barcode software where IDAutomation pays a 20% commission on all IDAutomation software sold from a valid referral link. Priority Support and Upgrade Subscriptions and Hosted Products are not part of the affiliate program.

How the IDAutomation Barcode Affiliate Program Works

Barcode Affiliate Sign-up Instructions

  1. Copy and paste all text from the gray box below into an email, with your text to the right of each field, and email it to with the subject "New Affiliate"
    (Note: all fields are required)
    1. Company Name:
    2. First Name:
    3. Last Name:
    4. Address:
    5. City:
    6. State or Province:
    7. ZIP Code:
    8. Country:
    9. Phone number:
    10. Email address:
    11. Website URL:
    12. URLs where you are linking to our site:
    13. Email address for PayPal payment:
      When PayPal is not preferred, only US bank checks can be mailed to you, in this case, list whom the check is to be made payable to:
    14. The affiliate program may not be used to purchase products for the affiliate's company, any sister organization, or any subsidiary. Do you agree to this and all other terms of the Affiliate program?
    15. As required by the IRS, IDAutomation needs all businesses operating in the United States to complete a W9 Form. Please complete the W9 Form including the affiliate's EIN or SSN, signing the form and attaching it to the email request.
      NOTE: All affiliates must report affiliate income to the affiliate's tax authority.
      IDAutomation does not withhold any taxes from the amount IDAutomation pays the affiliate.

    Note: Ship To information on the order form must contain the end user and not the affiliate's information in order to obtain credit for the order.

  2. Upon acceptance you will receive your custom affiliate ID. This is generally the name of your company or domain excluding any spaces or periods. For example, if your website domain is, your affiliate ID would usually be "acmecorp"
  3. Link to IDAutomation web pages from your own relevant content with your custom URL.
    1. To link directly to the IDAutomation home page, use a question mark after the domain name with your affiliate ID. Example:
    2. Link to a specific product. Example, when linking to the Universal Barcode Font webpage with an affiliate ID of acmecorp, the affiliate would use this URL:
  4. Test each affiliate link
    1. Open a web page on your website that contains your affiliate link.
    2. Click on the affiliate link.
    3. View the cookie created by named AffiliateName. Cookies may be viewed in FireFox by choosing Tools - Options - Show Cookies. The cookie should show your name in the content field. In Chrome, verify by going to Settings - Advanced Settings - Privacy - Content Settings and click on All Cookies and Site Data. For IE, go to Tools - Internet Options, on the General Tab, click Settings under Browser History, and then click View Files and search for the appropriate cookie.

      Viewing Cookies Can Help Determine Whether Your Affiliate Link Is Correct

      The Affiliate ID is the number associated with your affiliate ID and verifies that you are registered as an IDAutomation Affiliate.
      Within redirect links, your affiliate ID is referenced (e.g.
  5. Affiliate checks will be mailed out quarterly. To assist in the setup of IDAutomation's products, view this list of PAD XML files or the Product Index. IDAutomation's graphics may be used, although original content may not be copied from IDAutomation's website, unless it is rewritten.

Behind the IDAutomation Barcode Affiliate Program

The IDAutomation Affiliate Program uses tracking cookies to determine sales that were referred from an affiliate. If multiple affiliates are involved in the same sale, the most recent referrer is given credit. IDAutomation will send a report via email on request and a check or PayPal payment in USD to all affiliates that generate sales. Payment will be made approximately 30 days after each quarter (every 3 months) for commissions earned in that quarter. The ability for affiliates to receive reports in real time will be added to the system at a future date.

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