Barcode Affiliate Program

The IDAutomation Barcode Affiliate Program provides an automated method of reselling IDAutomation barcode software where IDAutomation pays a 15% commission on all IDAutomation software sold from a valid referral link. 

NOTE: The affiliate program requires an ongoing commitment to selling IDAutomation products through an established website. This barcode affiliate program may not be used to purchase products for the affiliate's own company, a sister organization, or any subsidiary.

IDAutomation Affiliate Program Information

How the IDAutomation Barcode Affiliate Program Works

  • Anyone with a website can join the Affiliate Program if the website provides products or services related in some way to IDAutomation products.
  • IDAutomation's product graphics may be used, although original content may not be copied from IDAutomation's website unless it is rewritten. 
  • Once approved, link to any IDAutomation page from your website with a custom URL.
  • Get up to 15% commission for IDAutomation software purchases referred from your links within 3 months.
  • When ordering for another organization, the "Ship To" information on the order must contain the end-user the product is licensed to, not the reseller or affiliate. This is because the products are licensed to the "Ship To" Information.

Barcode Affiliate Sign-up Instructions

  1. Copy and paste all text from the gray box below into an email, with your text to the right of each field, and email it to us with the subject "New Affiliate"
    (Note: all fields are required)
    1. Company Name:
    2. First Name:
    3. Last Name:
    4. Address:
    5. City:
    6. State or Province:
    7. ZIP Code:
    8. Country:
    9. Phone number:
    10. Email address:
    11. Website URL:
    12. URL(s) where you are linking to our site from your site:
    13. Email address for PayPal payment:
      When PayPal is not preferred, only US bank checks can be mailed to you in the United States; in this case, list to whom the check is to be made payable to.
    14. The affiliate program may not be used to purchase products for the affiliate's company, any sister organization, or any subsidiary. Do you agree to this and all other terms of the Affiliate program?
    15. As required by the IRS, IDAutomation needs all businesses operating in the United States to complete a W9 Form. Please complete the W9 Form including the affiliate's EIN or SSN, sign the form,  and attach it to the email request.
      NOTE: All affiliates must report affiliate income to the affiliate's tax authority.
      IDAutomation does not withhold any taxes from the amount IDAutomation pays the affiliate.

    Note: The Ship To information on the order form must contain the end-user and not the affiliate's information to obtain credit for the order.

  2. Upon acceptance, you will receive your custom affiliate ID which will be a series of numbers such as "1234".
  3. Link to IDAutomation web pages from your own relevant content with your custom URL.
  4. To link directly to the IDAutomation Product and use a question mark after the URL with your affiliate ID. Example: 

Payments to the Affiliate

Payment by PayPal will occur quarterly. If multiple affiliates are involved in the same sale, the most recent referrer is given credit. Payment will be made approximately 30 days after each quarter (every 3 months) for commissions earned in that quarter. The ability for affiliates to receive reports in real-time will be added to the system at a future date.

IDAutomation also provides product PAD and XML files for affiliates that know how to use these.