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Barcode Reseller Program

IDAutomation offers a 20% commission for all IDAutomation barcode software products sold through its reseller program.

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NOTE: The reseller program requires an ongoing commitment to selling IDAutomation products and are not eligible for one-time purchases.

IDAutomation Reseller Program Information

The IDAutomation Reseller Program offers a 20% discount on all IDAutomation software and allows the reseller to drop ship or stock IDAutomation products in physical form, as well as, the automatic digital download link that can be delivered to the client via a secure URL. This barcode reseller program requires the following:

Request Reseller Pricing Information!After approval of the Reseller Agreement, resellers will receive a discount coupon code for 20% off the list price of all IDAutomation Software programs.

Please be aware that hardware such as barcode scanners and printers, as well as Priority Support and Upgrade Subscriptions and Hosted Products are not part of the reseller program, and thus the reseller discount code will not apply to these sales. Should the customer qualify for the Small Company Developer License or Mid-Size Company Developer License, they must make the purchase directly and not through a reseller.

IDAutomation Reseller Marketing Commitment

IDAutomation Resellers should utilize at least one of the following marketing commitments to be considered for this program:

  1. If the Reseller has a printed product catalog, the Reseller must promote IDAutomation products in the Reseller's printed product catalog.
  2. If the Reseller has website where products are sold, the Reseller must promote IDAutomation products on the Reseller's website. This option can be also be automated by the IDAutomation affiliate program.
  3. If the Reseller has a product database that is shared with at least 20 other organizations, the Reseller must promote IDAutomation products in this database.

Please contact IDAutomation with any questions or comments.

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